Liverpool Fc exit The Emirates FA Cup.


Liverpool FC were today stopped from moving to the next stage of the Emirates FA competition after been defeated by wolves , in a very competitive afternoon game on Saturday the 28th of January.

This is the second time in less than a week they are loosing from a very competitive game. As they lost to Southampton who prevented them from going for the EFL final in February at Wembley and today, another big loss from proceeding to the next round of the FA cup.

Liverpool last 3 games at Anfield: Liverpool 2-3 Swansea Liverpool 0-1 Southampton Liverpool 1-2 Wolves

Liverpool Fans took to both Twitter and Facebook to register their bitter feeling over the recent drop in form and poor performance. Some wondered if this is how Klopp will take the club to UEFA next year if they keep on loosing.

Some fans also were clamouring for the return of Mane, because many believed since he left for the African Nations Cup 2017(AFCON) in Garbon, the club has performed very poor.

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