Love and People

love and people

Why are you busy looking for a perfect partner when your own character can’t heal a broken heart or even give hope to the hopeless?

Ask your parents. They were never perfect but they developed perfect eyes to see each other. So they became perfect for each other and now, they’re enjoying each other, encouraging themselves, tolerating each other’s weaknesses, appreciating each other’s strength, celebrating each other’s accomplishments and smiling at life.

Why on earth do you think that you going to find a prince charming riding on the horse with many maidens all round him, ready to obey three command to serve you and never let your feet touch the ground with the prince charming waking you up every morning for breakfast, no stress, no bad moments, no dragging of remote control, no argument that could even lead to some quarrel, no mulatto madness and no little fretting or fuming.?

Honey, that happens only in Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood or even Telemundo, I guess.
Not in real life! So you better open your eyes and stop dreaming.

So as a mature man, you’re still single because you are looking for the perfect lady that would walk up to you and kiss your feet every morning, babysit you, a lady who doesn’t press the tooth past from the head. A lady that bla bla bla bla….Huh.

Maybe, you need to change and that starts from your IQ.
We’ve all been raised to expect too much out of marriage and relationships with a whole lot of unrealistic expectations and Some kind of fake love stories.

Love cost a whole lot and that starts from compromise, patience, tolerance, attention, time, affection, romance, trust, honesty, time!

If they could tolerate your bad sides and even change some of their silly characters or behavior all because they want to make the relationship conducive for you, why then do you think you can’t change or adjust a little to make them have same conducive atmosphere?

You love to be loved?
They love to be loved too!
You love to be pampered?
They love to be pampered too!
YOU love to be tolerated?
It’s vice versa, darling.

Life gives you back what you give.
That’s just the way it is.
But if you ain’t ready for all these, then you Berra(better) chill and work on yourself the more, So you don’t hurt people.

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