Manchester United Wins Arsenal As De Gea Miraculously Saved The Red Devils


Manchester United Won Arsenal on Saturday’s encounter As De Gea Miraculously delivered his best performance since the beginning of the season.

The match which kicked off later in the evening saw the home side been on top of their game, having the highest possessions, highest corners and highest number of passes but despites all this great statistics, they were outgunned.

De Gea saves
De Gea saves
De Gea saves
De Gea saves

During the match, our reporters in various viewing centres had this to say according to the fans reactions, they were like….wow!!!…. This De Gea is something else tonight despite the red card given to Pogba still they couldn’t outshine Manchester United.

This Saturday’s night was really tough for the Mourihno side despites David de Gea been able to produce arguably the best performance of his career for Manchester United away at Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger side managed to score only one goal despite mouthing too much pressures on the visiting team.

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Watch David De Gea fantastic saves and highlight of the match below

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