Blaise Matuidi would welcome a chance to play with Christiano Ronaldo


Blaise Matuidi would welcome the chance to play with Christiano Ronaldo at Juventus.

Matuidi who is in Russia with the French national team is focused on World Cup right now but a chance to feature alongside “one of the best players in the world” would be welcome by the former PSG midfielder.

Ronaldo’s future at Real Madrid has not been made clear especially after winning the UEFA Champions League over Liverpool and the sudden departure of Zinedine Zidane.

The Portuguese captain failed to clarify on where his future lies after winning his Champions League fourth title in five seasons.

“We will talk in the future. It’s been really beautiful to play for Real Madrid. I’ll give a response in the coming days.” Ronaldo said then.

Rumors have it that  Serie A champions Juventus are preparing a lucrative €120million bid for Ronaldo, with a salary package of €30m a year.

“I’m not going to lie it would be just great,” he said after he was questioned on the rumored Juve’s bid on the former Manchester United winger.

“It would be great to have one of the best players in the world with Juventus in the same club that I am. It would be great for the club and for the Juventus players. However, today I’m a player of the French national team and we have bigger fish to fry, no?” the midfielder added.

France will play Uruguay in the first World Cup quarter-finals on Friday.

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