Mbano celebrates Mbomuzo Festival in grand style


The people of  Mbano celebrates Mbomuzo Festival in grand style on 30th of October, 2017.

Mbomuzo Festival which means Environmental cleansing especially roads leading to traditional worship centres and market squares is an annual event been organised either in September or October of every year at Umunumo, one of the most popular and populous city in Ehime Mbano area of IMO State.

The events which usually starts with a long period of preparation , starting from clearing the road and Masquerades of different kinds preparing and getting themselves ready for the main day.

This events sees people from all works of live in attendance who comes to witness this long aged culture that has refused to die but rather taking a very rapid dynamic changes.

Mbomuzo festival
Mbomuzo festival

From the birth of this aged tradition to late 1990s, when this Mbomuzo festival is been organised, so many spiritual and unimaginable things do happens, such as the display of masquerades who come to display their magical powers. Some will been seen flying over the palm trees, some uprooting palm trees etc. During this period, the female folks are not expected to misbehave anyhow or else they will land themselves several lashes of the cane on their body.

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One good thing again about this Mbomuzo festival is that during this period of the celebrations, so many types of local delicacies are been prepared for both visitors, family members and some are been exchanged with one another.

It used to be a very deep to culture and a kind of slightly diabolical but thanks to Christianity whose presence has changed the face of the Mbomuzo festival.

Mbomuzo festival
Mbomuzo festival

Now the new face of the Mbomuzo festival which used to be seen as fetish is now seen as a place to come and drink beers, dance, chase after ladies and for the younger ones who are below 18years, is seen for them as a place they come and blow knockouts and show off their best dresses.


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