Meet Mr Martins Emeka Uwakwe The Page Magazine Man of the Month


Meet Mr Martins Emeka Uwakwe, the Nigerian Author who pulled the crowd and also the recipient of the award of The Page Magazine Man of the Month.

Mr Martins Emeka Uwakwe is a Library and information scientist, a graduate of IMO State University, Owerri. He is the first child of his parent, a  writer, a convener of a youth conference called THE EMERGING CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE. A deep thinker and a very positive person about life.

Today he is been awarded The Page Magazine Man of the month for his effort in bringing the youths together and impacting them positively to become great achievers through an annual youth program he started last year at Ikorodu area of Lagos state.  The youth programme called “THE EMERGING CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE” saw in attendance over two hundreds population of youths who were empowered positively through the very renowned resourceful personnels who made the event lively.

Today after his nomination for this award which is given to young talents who have imparted the society positively. We The Page Magazine crew were pleased to have an interview with him and below is our interview:

TPM: congratulations on your nomination as the Page Magazine Man of the Month award !

Martins Emeka Uwakwe: Thank you and thanks to all those who nominated me.

TPM: May we know you ?

Martins Emeka Uwakwe: I am Martins Emeka Uwakwe, a graduate of IMO State University, Owerri, I studied Library and Information Science. I am the first child of my family. I am a writer, a convener of a youth conference called THE EMERGING CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE. I am a deep thinker and and a very positive person about life.

TPM :  Wow….that’s great, so tell us, recently you were interviewed by RaveTv on your recent book, please can you tell us about your book? What is it really about ? Who is the book for and what actually gave you the motivation to write it?

Martins Emeka Uwuakwe: My book “THE DIVINE ANCHORAGE” is a faith based motivational book targeted at all who seeks direction as they sojourn here on earth. The book basically addresses the issue of identity crises.

The Divine Anchorage
The Divine Anchorage

It’s a book for everyone out there, written in simple English, it is precise and for all persons. It’s a book that encourages all to set out to search for God and to commune with Him. It touches other areas such as forgiveness, principles of Greatness and great trust in God.

It all started in 2012. I had an experience I considered a blessing in disguise. The fuel subsidy removal saga in 2012. I was returning to Ilorin, Kwara State were I was serving but ended my journey at Offa, so I located an NCCF lodge and it was while I was there that I learnt a lot of things from the many programs Organized for us corp members. I learnt a whole lot in fact the entire chapter one titled ACTUALIZE YOUR VISION is a product of that encounter.

Later that year the I got a message like a voice asking if I would keep that knowledge to myself alone. So that was how I picked my jotter and began to develop the points discussed at the classes. Rest is history.

TPM: Wow….this is really inspirational, so tell us what was your challenges while writing your book and how were you able to overcome them ?

Martins Emeka uwakwe:  There were basically two challenges that namely: composure to write and finance to go to press. But what I did was to take my time – bearing in mind that the world must know of the knowledge acquired – to making sure I had a serene environment and the right comportment to write. I was staying alone in a room so when once I am back from my Place of primary assignment (PPA as NYSC calls it) I would quickly write something and that was it. Finance was another issue but to God be the glory a few friends who believed in me helped out in supporting me. I am indeed so grateful to them.
It took me over a year to go to press. I give God all the glory.

TPM: At the beginning you talked about a youth conference ” The Emerging Champions” can you tell us more about it and also those who were parts of the organization that made it possible?

Martins Emeka Uwakwe: THE EMERGING CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE 2.0 has the following objectives :

The conference will inspire youths and help them to acquire knowledge and take actions through shared ideology in all works of life and career paths.

It also focuses on sharing success stories that are relevant to addressing the needs of the audience particularly as it affect all and sundries today.

The conference will foster the role of the youth as future leaders while providing frequent opportunities for youths to express their ideas, opinions and answers to all their pressing questions in mind.

The conference shall provide platforms for job placement, Mentorship, internship, skill acquisition and information to catalyze participants ingenuity in their chosen careers.
It’s open to all but the maiden edition focused more on the youths because of the its theme: IDENTITY CRISIS: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES. This is because I realised over the year many young people were having issues discovering who they are.
I partnered with an outsourcing firm called GR8JOBSNG, AMAZING GRACE FURNITURE and my company CEMART GLOBAL RESOURCES.

Martins Emeka Uwakwe during 2016 The Emerging champions conference
Martins Emeka Uwakwe during 2016 The Emerging champions conference

TPM: so what is the plan for this year’s Emerging champions conference, who should attend, where is the venue and what will they gain ?

Martins Emeka Uwakwe: THE EMERGING CHAMPIONS CONFERENCE 2.0 (2017) will take place at the CLARET HALL, ST AUGUSTINE’S CATHOLIC CHURCH IKORODU LAGOS on 9th December, 2017.


Everyone is invited to this second edition. There is a great need for us to invest more in the development of persons.

The time is 10am.

There are a lot to be gained from the event this year as we have carefully invited speakers to speak at the event. Highlight will be practical examples of how DIGITAL MARKETING works and also the many opportunities in AGRIBUSINESS.

There will be lots of freebies too.

TPM: so what advice do you have for the youths and those who lookup to you as their mentor ?

Martins Emeka Uwakwe: The first time I was on RaveTv was on one of the stations most sort after programme called INSIDE OUT WITH AGATHA. I was a member of the panel who spoke on ROLE MODEL. For young people out there I will advise they have a role model it’s very important.

My advice will be that they should never give up on their dreams. My book THE DIVINE ANCHORAGE was a book I wrote in 2012. Published in 2015. Now gaining prominence in 2017. The gaps in between is what I call PATIENCE.

Nothing good comes easy. Slow and steady they say wins the race. They must learn to keep MOVING.

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  1. nice one bro…i see you as an inspiration to the youth, we need people like you to become our leaders inorder to help the youths acheive their dreams. kudos to The Page Magazine


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