All You Need To Know About The New Social Media App Called Vero


Early this week, i came across a message from one of my american blogger friend who said to me are you on Vero, can we connect on Vero and i was like what is Vero and she replied are you in this world ?

for those who have not heard, there is a new social media platform currently trending in the world that has been described to be a killer to Instagram and Snapchat, it is called Vero.

This week, a new (well, almost three-year-old) platform called Vero has come out of the woodwork, and some people over the age of 18 are asking themselves, “Is this just a typo of Vevo, the popular video company?” But it’s not. Vero means “truth” in Latin (and Esperanto and Italian.) It’s now the number-one free app in Google Play and ranks eighth in the iOS App Store.

how Vero was founded?
The new social media app, Vero was founded in 2013 by Ayman Hariri and launched in 2015.  Ayman Hariri is a billionaire and the son of former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafic Hariri, who resigned in 2004 and was assassinated in 2005. He’s also the step-brrother to the current Lebanon’s prime minister, Saad Hariri, who’s been in office since 2016.

according to Entrepreneur, Ayman Hariri served as deputy general manager of Saudi Oger, a now-defunct construction company founded by his father, from 2005 until 2013. During that time, his brother served as general manager. In 2013, Hariri said he sold his shares and exited the company to co-found Vero.

“I really felt like it was time to pursue my dreams in the world of tech,” he said, claiming that he had no role in the company after 2013.

Saudi Oger shut down in July 2017. The company was unable to pay thousands of workers for months after the Saudi Arabian government delayed payments to builders in 2015, prompting riots, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The Saudi Labour Ministry government provided food and basic necessities to Saudi Oger workers, many of whom lived in cramped, unsanitary conditions in company-constructed dorms and labor camps with little or no access to food, running water, electricity or medical care, Reuters reported.

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What Makes Vero Different From Other Social Media Platforms?
This one question people have been asking about this new media that went viral recently and if you want to know what makes it different and better, here is an iceberg.

Photos, videos and text content shared by users on Vero doesn’t just blast out to a mix of their friends and followers. You can specify which fellow users are your close friends, acquaintances or mere followers and post to each group separately.

Another big draw of Vero is that its feed isn’t manipulated by an algorithm. Posts from accounts users appear in chronological order (like they used to on Instagram).

and this is good one for those who doesn’t have enough fund to run advert for their products and their blogs.

How To Get Started With Vero?

There are no ads on Vero, either. The business model is subscription-based. In order to get started, one needs to sign-up by going to the vero website To sign up, users must provide their name, email address and mobile phone number, but for now, Vero’s not charging anyone.



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