Okorocha dares ex-Gov Udenwa to return


Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha has challenged former Governor Achike Udenwa to return to the state to criticise him and see what happens to him.

Okorocha, who suggested that it would be better for Udenwa to remain in Abuja where he presently resides, warned that should he return to Imo State and criticise him (Okorocha), that the citizens of the state will stone the former governor.

Udenwa was said to have in a recent interview dubbed Okorocha a colossal failure, accusing him of building projects that were usually cosmetic and often collapsed before completion in Imo State.

Apparently angry with that criticism, Okorocha responded through his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo, describing the former as merely seeking relevance with his criticism.

“Udenwa ruled Imo State for eight good years; let him come and show Imo people what he did for them those years. It is not enough to criticise; the facts are there.

“In the case of Okorocha, he has been in office for barely seven years and has over 1000 projects and still counting. Anybody who comes to Imo will see that he has changed the face of the state. Okorocha is a grassroots man and Imo people like him because they know he has their interests at heart. Most of his investments even before he became the governor are in Imo State.

“If you come to Imo State and criticise Okorocha, the masses will stone you. It is only the elite in Imo State that are not happy with him and we all know why. Udenwa who is talking, live in Abuja and does not even know what is happening in Imo State.

“If he comes to Imo State, he cannot criticise Okorocha because the people will come after him. You could not have governed Imo for eight years with nothing to show and you are criticising Okorocha whose projects have transformed the state and even a blind man can see them.”

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