Online Grocery store: How can infrastructure changes help you in getting past your competitors


In the last article were we treated Online glocery store,  you read about enhancing your brand and building more revenue opportunities with your online grocery store. Now this part may seem to be positioned wrongly as infrastructure should always be the first part of any online business. However, here we assume that you started with a modest inventory that needed a modest infrastructure. Now, as you have graduated to the next level it’s very likely that you have added more categories to your store and increased the inventory. Besides, as you have acquired a good number of loyal customers you should also have the supporting infrastructure for them so that they can take the best advantage of your online store. Here are a few suggestions on reviewing and revamping the infrastructure of your online store at this point of time.


The field of groceries is vast and confusing. So it is the basic prerequisite to have the properly classified inventory presented in appropriate categories and sub categories. The presentation of menus also matters a lot. So you need to carry a good research before presenting the menus in s specific format like dropdown list, radio buttons, and checkboxes or text boxes. Always remember the simple interface would encourage more people to buy from your grocery site.

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Search ecosystem

Having a sophisticated search tool is one of the best ways to make entire shopping experience easier for your shoppers. In fact is a great tool to help the shoppers who a rot very well acquainted with interacting with the e-commerce sites. In fact you should have a guided pathway to the search tool in order to direct the users to the straight to the search tool so that even the most basic users of the net will not find it difficult to use your site for placing eh order. You also have to keep in mind that many people might be using eh smart phones or some of the users may also comprise f the people they are not very well acquainted with eh typing skills or are weak in spellings. So your tool should have autocorrect features, suggestions and a number of other aspects the will allow the shoppers with any kind of limitations to place their order quickly.

Customer Profiles

There should also be an option for the customers to create their own profile so that can be used for saving the shopping cart, redeeming discounts, calculating total amount spent during a particular month or to view the total discounts they have enjoyed till now.

Merchant Profiles

As you graduate ahead or decide to add multiple grocery stores to your website you also need to have the separate ecosystem for the merchants where they can create their profile and monitor he vital stats of their business like income, inventories, item movement and number of total clients acquired so far on your site.

Social Media

Many studies prove the efficacy of social media in ecommerce. So linking your site to the social media like Facebook and Twitter can also help a great way in widening your presence and achieving the income goals in a reasonable period of time. In fact you can go a mile ahead and allow the people to share their reviews, give you performance based stars and share any special experience over the social media.


While you may not need it in the initial phase SEO becomes a crucial requirement if you want to graduate ahead and establish your shopping site as a brand. So ensure that you entire site is optimized for the better ranking right from the website design and site map till the content. It will allow you to rank higher on the search engine.

Mobile friendly structure

It is very important to note that many of the internet users prefer to use their mobile phones in order to access the net. So having a responsive website that should instantly optimise itself to be used on the mobile devices will add to the experience of such clients and save them from the unnecessary issues while browsing you site or placing the order. It is even more advisable to go for the app as apps as becoming very popular among the mobile users.

You can either go for a bespoke website or better use a ready script that comes with all the basic requirements and you just need t indicate certain aspects that you need t costume for the purpose for building your own brand.


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