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A graduate of Agricultural Engineering, a rising entrepreneur who is into bead making and catering, today has been awarded The Page Magazine Lady of the month. She was chosen for this award because of her positive contribution to the society, despite the economic challenge.

Today we were privileged to interview her after the nomination by our fans and below is the interview questions and answer.

TPM: congratulations on your nomination as the Page Magazine Lady of the Month award !

Ozioma Gift: Thank you and thanks to all those who nominated me.

TPM: you’re welcome, May we know you ?

Ozioma Gift: My name is Gift Ozioma, I am a graduate of Agricultural Engineering, I graduated from IMO State University, Owerri. Currently am a bead maker, a caterer and all these are by God’s grace and strength.

TPM: wow…. That’s great, so tell us do you combine your profession as an Agricultural engineer together with catering and bead making?

Ozioma Gift: Oh yea, that question comes again, people keep asking the same question. My answer to that is “No and Yes”.

No because throughout my first year to my fourth year, I never did any of this, it was in my final year (500level) I started the catering things and I learnt my bead making when I started my NYSC. I started all this when I was graduating bearing in mind that white scholar job is hard to find. I also wanted to be a different graduate from the rest of my colleagues. I wanted a better life after graduation with or without a job.

TPM: what was the motivation you saw that led you into bead making  and catering or did you enter it for the fun or for the business aspect?

Ozioma Gift: not for the fun as per say, I went into catering because I wanted to be a good cook, a good wife and mother to the family. It was during the process of training and practicing that people saw me and started patronising me, then I realised I can put food both on my table and other people’s table. Ever since then, the fire kept burning in me and for the bead making , I just wanted to be recognised with another line of business as I walk through the lane of entrepreneurship.

TPM: So tell us what were your challenges venturing into this area of business and how did you overcame them ?

Ozioma Gift: Hmmmm……..that you know, one have to be determined no matter the challenges , at first I hit my chest and said I can do it no matter their circumstances.

Before the challenges came, God had already trashed it for me financially. I had to start up from somewhere with my personal savings, it has never been easy at all, but I must get there by God’s grace.

TPM: Amen

TPM: that’s great , we love your motivations. So do you train people  or how have you impacted your society?

Ozioma Gift: just yes.

I have really been a source of motivation to people around me, and I have been training both mothers, students,(higher institutions and colleges) and corp members too.

I also intend having my own website where I can showcase my products because a lot of myfriends, students, and customers have been seriously asking me to get one to showcase my handwork.

Yea, I have not finished , I will have to move from one community to another to impact this skills, because I so much believe in this slogan “show them how to fish, don’t give them fish”.

TPM: That’s great idea and according to the CEO of Microsoft, any business or entrepreneur who doesn’t have an internet presences will soon be out of business. We at The Page Magazine encourages you to have one.

Ozioma Gift: Thanks.

TPM: What do you see or define as been successful?

Ozioma Gift: been successful simply means achieving your goals and planned visions. Been successful also means I need to be famous in other to help people around me.

Thank you

TPM: what advice will you give to the younger ones or to those out there looking up to people like you ?

Ozioma Gift: 

i. Know what you want

ii. Love what you want

iii. Hit your chest and say mama I can do it.

iv. Say to yourself Mama, I will make it

v. See yourself as a helper to the world, that without you, there will be no help.

When you develop this mindset, then work towards achieving it, no matter how small your capital may be, you must set a paste. In all you’re doing keep asking God for divine directions everyday.

See you all at the top!


Thank you.



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