PARADISE ON EARTH

Geographically in Indian subcontinent Kashmir is the northernmost region. Kashmir is comes from ‘Kashmir Valley’ which is located between Great Himalayas and The Pir Panjal Ranges. Combination of the beauty of nature and rich cultural heritage Kashmir known as “Paradise on Earth”.

The state Jammu and Kashmir have tree region Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Jammu is mainly inhabited by Hindus, Kashmir is inhabited by Muslims and Ladakh is inhabited by Buddhist. There are another community called Dogra.

Language:-  Most spoken language is Urdu. Some other languages also use, those are Kashmiri, Ladakhi and Dogri.

Dress:- The majority of population in Jammu and Kashmir wear traditional dress. The colourful dress is very attractive. During winter season they wear a special type of overcoat called Pheran. It is worn over a Kurta. Kashmir is popular for their shawl. The Pashmina shawl is famous for its quality of softness and beauty. The fine embroidery done on them looks amazing. Pashmina Shawl itself a handicraft industry all over the state.


Pashmina Shawl





Festivals:- Lots of fairs and festivals are organize over the years in this state. Peoples are celebrate those occasion with great exultation and enthusiasm. Some of popular fairs and festivals are Lohri, Baisakhi (The harvest Festival), Eid-Ul-Fitr, Jhiri Fair, Bahu Mela, Mansar Food and Craft Meta and may more.

Music and Dance:- Every occasions mean music and dance are the central attraction. In this state no celebration is complete without music and dance. Three dance forms are performs most commonly in the state. Those are Ruf Dance, Bachha Nagma Dance and Dandaras Dance. According to music Ladishah is a famous sarcastic genre of singing. It’s filled with lot of humour. Urdu Poetry which is known as Shayari is a very rich part of culture of this the state.

 Food:- Kashmir is also stunning place for food lovers. It’s doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Here some famous culinary delights of Jammu and Kashmir, in vegetarian category Dum aloo and Chaman most famous and non-vegetarian category has Roganjosh, Gushtaba and Yakhni.

Tourism is the main way of earning in this state. Thousands of tourists come here to feel the beauty of nature and enjoy the gorgeous culture.

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