Dear readers, you are cordially welcome to the first transmission of our daily blog POLITICAL MONITOR here on thepagemagazine. New editions of Political Monitor will be posted at exactly 12noon everyday. The title of this sub section of Political Monitor called ‘Blog by Noonlight,’ is a play on the famous TALES BY MOONLIGHT, the great kids show of the 90s which narrated traditional African folklore and featured sharing of different lessons learned by the participating children. Tales as we know, are very entertaining and its easy to believe they offer more recreation than the real world. Well we mustn’t forget that life is stranger than fiction. So everyday, we bring you a fresh blog post by noon light not moon light. Don’t click that other link.


As the giant of Africa approaches the 2019 general elections, political activities will naturally heat up. We look forward to smarter weaponizaton of social media by politicians that truly have the interest of the nation at heart. Its either you use the internet or the internet uses you. Too bad that the seductive anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in too many of us. As Nigeria pushes towards 2019, POLITICAL MONITOR will be identifying, interviewing and celebrating those Nigerian politicians who understand the need to create a more knowledge driven economic and political system in Nigeria. Our crude oil will not last forever. In fact according to a world bank report, Nigeria does not have more than 4 decades to wake up and smell the kunu (or Pammy). Also of importance to this Column will be those political operators who appreciate the anti-corruption war especially with regard to the role of the arts in helping to rid Nigeria of the culture of corruption. Please stay with us as we hope to introduce the first video segment of ICONS FOR 2019 showcasing politicians, journalists and other political workers, democrats, patriots and activists actively working to ensure that it will no longer be business as usual after 2019. All this was just going through my mind as I was getting my hair cut. You can even tell if you ‘see’ instead of ‘looking’ that as a Nigerian, I am totally fed up. Even as I bent my head to the side to allow the barber get at my side burns more easily, I recalled the observation of Jose Ortega, a Spanish philosopher and Essayist, that the philosopher and the barber are of the same guild; the barber cuts hair and the philosopher splits hairs.” Its time to split hairs against 2019 so please look out for our first video segment of ICONS FOR 2019. Don’t click that link

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