Welcome to another fresh dosage of political ayakata at high noon (“O’feshe-Lu….”). A very good time indeed to get on the good foot and turn the tide no matter how bad a day you may have been having so far. Way way back in the day, in the wild wild west of America, high noon was the time chosen if there was to be a duel between two men over one matter or the other. But why was noon the preferred time for staging duels? Was it maybe because at that time of day, the sun was at its highest point so that neither side would suffer a glare inconvenience? Whatever the case, we shall continue to duel at high noon against the business-as-usual political culture that’s squeezing the life out of the nation.


In today’s fight, we highlight how many Nigerians are drawing strength from a vindicated Afrobeat culture and legacy in and out of the music scene. In music, of course we know how WizKid, DBanj, TuFace, etc have all found it irresistible to infuse elements of Afrobeat into their renditions. And beyond music, well there are various freedom movements and agitations coupled with a dangerous “mystic in the air” as 2019 focused political maneuvers begin to show themselves in what many perceive as annoying and irritating…with a large part of that irritation proceeding from the youth, the leaders of a tomorrow that does not want to come. Will there then be an uprising that may “bring out the beast” in these youth as the giant of Africa approaches 2019? If there is to be revolution in Nigeria, then one can only pray that it be in the form of a controlled revolution. At the moment, the Nigerian beast of revolution is in chains but breathing hard in anticipation of…(more on this subsequently).


The content to be published in this segment of Political Monitor is still ‘on the pipeline.’ Don’t feel discouraged by our use of this well known phrase of government because we know that when public office holders are asked about service delivery on essential projects and respond with the now famous expression that deliverables are still on the pipeline, it usually means that such projects will remain nothing but pipe dreams. We however boldly deploy this expression as a strategy for breaking the encoded jinx. Stay with us and don’t click that other link. Meanwhile remember that a vagabond is a person who wanders from place to place (though not necessarily seeking for whom to devour). A vagabond in power is however a wanderer in the corridors of power but certainly seeking for whom to devour. As we begin our interviews of Icons for 2019, we expect video content that will not cause long dead freedom fighters and patriots to turn in their graves.

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