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In today’s contest, we wish to highlight two faces of the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, as one face as seen by South Africa and the other by the Governor of Imo State and those whose thoughts align with his on the issue of erection of the statue of Jacob Zuma. The erection of this statue with a touch of Nebuchadnezzan pomp, where state officials were required to ‘admire’ the edifice of a world leader embattled with corruption charges at home,  has seriously enraged the good citizens of Imo state and Nigerians generally. The statue reportedly cost N520million naira to construct in a state where pensioners and workers have not been paid their salaries and entitlements for quite sometime. In order to calm their nerves at this assault on public sensibilities through this elevation of Jacob Zuma where even Sam Mbakwe, Zik or other leaders were overlooked, Nigerians might for now attempt to take refuge in all the symbolism and history represented by the famous Zuma Rock (no relation). Zuma rock is located in Niger State along the main road from Abuja to Kaduna off Madala and is often referred to as the “Gateway to Abuja from Suleja.” It is more than 700 metres high and during the raining season, the top of Zuma rock erupts with fire whether or not rain is falling. In long ago pre-colonial days, the Gbagyi tribe used Zuma rock as a defense retreat against invading tribes. In those days, it was believed that the clear sound of the opening and shutting of a door could be heard and that soon after, a big personality dies. Add to this another belief that Zuma rock housed the spirit of the dead. Now go ahead and compare and contrast the two faces of Zuma, the first as composed by his native South Africa and the second by the Imo State government. And don’t forget that right now, the top of Zuma Rock could be on fire


Statue of JACOB ZUMA in SA



The content to be published in this segment of Political Monitor is still in search of a remnant. We Nigerians are thoroughly fed up with come-and-chop, business as usual politicians and have in fact lost complete faith in the political class. However, we just have to believe that even in the worst times, there is always a remnant. We therefore look forward to inviting both present and aspiring politicians with conscience and sincere love to take part in our Video Interview series tagged ICONS FOR 2019. Do stay with us and don’t click that other link.

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  1. I never knew that there is such a thing as political monitoring. Personally, I am not into politics but, I guess, it comes with age. It is a fact that most people have lost faith regarding that area, but we still hope for a better future with the people that we elect. It is interesting that there are businesses that could help us monitor the politics, and my father would love to be involved in it.


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