POLITICAL VILLAGE SQUARE: The ‘Jagabanization’ of Igbo Presidency


Many top APC leaders from the Southeastern part of the country have been attending to serious cases of high blood pressure and shock trauma. Cause of this condition is Saraki’s press release claiming the existence of an agreement between Buhari and Bola Tinubu providing for a Tinubu presidency in 2023 in return for the Asiwaju’s backing in 2019. This offer to make Tinubu the Oga at the top of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023 has of course shocked many of the Igbo leaders and influencers who had been releasing hail stones of insults and hot coals of diatribes on fellow Southeasterners opposed to a Buhari return ticket in 2019.

Those Igbo leaders and Influencers now dealing with bad market and high BP because of Saraki’s revelations include Joe “I Too Know” Igbokwe, Kenneth “Living In Privilege” Okonkwo, Orji Uzo “Where is Nnamdi” Kalu, and John “Your Papa” Nwodo.

The market is really not looking okay. Well its a chance to see how much backbone ‘Andy’ has to stand up against ‘Paulo’ in ‘part I’ of LIVING IN PRIVILEGE as it were. A chance for Joe boy to demonstrate non discriminatory criticism by attacking Baba. A chance for Orji Uzo Kalu to practice presidential rebuke on the life patron of Miyetti Allah and finally a chance for John Nwodo to release a lion’s roar audible from Aso Rock and to the ears of Ohanaeze. But for God’s sake, where is the backbone? Somebody promised you something and has probably gone back on it and you’re saying nothing. Let it not be that Orji Kalu and co. have become what the Igbos call ‘afo anu.’ That would be very unfortunate indeed because they would not then qualify to enjoy a rather interesting nickname which Yorubas use to describe Igbos; that is ‘aje okwuta ma oma mi’ (e chop stone, e no drink water).


It might be recalled that uncle Bola explained the mass defections from APC in a piece released on 20th August titled “They Go Away Because We Go The Right Way.” In the said piece, he cast the decampees as renegades who lacked the responsibility to live by the high standards of discipline of APC but rather preferred to pursue selfish political ambitions without due regard for the rule of law. According to the bespectacled political leader, these defectors like Kwankwaso, Saraki and others felt the APC could not offer them the necessary support for their various selfish aspirations. On the contrary, Saraki explained that he left APC for PDP due to elements and forces in the party that refuse to allow the existence of minimum conditions of peace and cooperation. In a swift response to Saraki’s claims that he has been promised presidential backing in 2023 in return for support in 2019, the Jagaban stated that he has not announced any presidential ambitions and that its too early to be talking about 2023. The reason why a large number of Nigerians find this hard to believe is because there must be something in it for Tinubu in sticking out his valuable neck to support a candidate whose credibility has suffered seemingly irreparable damage. What is the quid pro quo? The Southeastern leaders who have been riding on assurances about 2023 can only now hope that they have not be Jagabaned by a man who nurtured APC as an opposition party that eventually kicked PDP out of power in 2015. If you’re a member of APC, the fear of Tinubu is the beginning of wisdom. And only the fool saith in his heart, there is no Jagaban.

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