Before the flag theft
After the flag theft

Around 2:30am in the morning of today, 28th August, 2018, some unidentified persons attacked the PDP Office of Enugu East Local Government Area. Reasons for this attack are unclear. Somebody out there is definitely angry over one issue or the other. No smoke without fire as the saying goes. It is not clear as the time of filing this report whether the attackers are opposition party elements or disgruntled internal party people feeling one form of grievance or the other. The latter theory may be a hard sell to many observers considering the lack of precedents in Enugu state. Enugu PDP internal party management and member relations is probably one of the most peaceful & harmonious in the entire country. The Enugu East PDP Office is also a shining example of internal discipline, accessibility and aesthetically sharp architectural and sanitary features. Any visitor can confirm this while the picture accompanying this piece can also provide a hint.

Whoever the attackers were stole all the PDP & Nigerian flags hoisted in front of the party office. About 14 in all. They also burnt a tyre right in front of the office gate. Estimated time for this entire action should have been about 20minutes as tenants resident in the compound reported strange sounds in the night around after 2am. What indeed could be going on?


As the nation sails gradually towards 2019, Nigerians seem divided in their prayers for free and fair elections. This recent violence in the Enugu East PDP office may or may not be 2019 related though Nigerians seem similarly divided in their willingness to apply thuggery in lining up their tools of the trade. Those on one side of the divide have demonstrated some level of arrogance by saying that the incumbent president must win the elections whether Nigerians like it or not thereby implying that rigging will be shoved down the throats of the opposition. If a candidate is being touted by his followers as headed for victory no matter what, then what good is our PVCs? The attitude of the the FG towards the order of elections and proposed amendment of the electoral act  is also a whole buffet of food for thought.

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