POLITICAL VILLAGE SQUARE: The Perrenial Biafra Issue (Owerri killing)



That person wey talk say Owerri no be better place, make them kukuma pack their kaya waka. Instanta! Thats how the saying goes. As for the origins of that statement, well I rather not say since this is The Page Magazine not Play Boy Magazine. Hmm hmm.

Owerri witnessed a very mild replication of operation python dance which, as many Nigerians recall, basically rendered Nnamdi Kanu, well, incommunicado…for now? On 17th August 2018, IPOB (Independent People of Biafra) women, numbering over 1000, caused Lagos style traffic holdup in Owerri during a march organized to attract public support for the Biafra referendum. However the peaceful sensitization march only exposed how very sensitive the Imo state government, much like the FG, is to issues of self-determination as well as how insensitive they can be about the sanctity of human life…especially around the Biafra issue. Anything Biafra ticks of the powers that be. The Owerri IPOB women march, though peaceful, was disrupted and attacked by police. Word has it that 4 lives went up in smoke and many others sustained many injuries.


IPOB continues to push strategies that many, including some supporters, consider quite questionable. Take for instance women at the March calling for boycott of the 2019 elections just like they called for boycott of Anambra governorship elections in 2017. Definitely election boycott is constitutionally recognized as a form of civil disobedience. All the same, one should not forget that wisdom is the correct and timely application of knowledge.

The ala Owerrri ladies also asked the almighty question namely “Where is Nnamdi Kanu?? Funny enough, during a recent trip to Abuja from Enugu, a man who boldly referred to himself as a veteran agboro said told yours truly that Nnamdi Kanu is alive. He even said he would have put through a call if not that he had low battery and also didn’t have any credit. Passengers decided not to pursue the matter.

The ladies, whether they like it or not, are, in historical terms, competing with Ojukwu’s legacy with regard to what the Igbos should do with Biafra. If Ojukwu, who sacrificed so much during the war, has commanded that Igbos flock to APGA but others decide to toe Nnamdi Kanu’s agenda, is IPOB overruling the Ikemba? History is watching



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