Poultry Farming Business: How to Start and Succeed

how to start a poultry business
how to start a poultry business

It may be easy to begin a chicken farm, but it is not entirely easy to turn it into an actual business. This means you do not want to limit yourself to being a chicken farmer, but want to take another step towards becoming a businessperson.

As gotten from Faceofagriculture this kind of business is determined by the particular market you are interested in, as well as your preferred target in the chicken industry. Two sectors are involved in the chicken industry; they are broilers, which are chicken bred and raised for meat, and layers, which are chickens raised and bred for egg production.

You are expected to make responsible financial and managerial decisions to generate adequate profit from the farming business, irrespective of the sector you decide to take.

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How to Start and Succeed in Poultry Farming Business

In order to succeed in poultry farming you ought to follow all these principles strictly:

  1. Form a business plan

The business plan will showcase the path, which you want your business to take. It also shows what the goals of the business are and how to achieve those goals. The plan showcases a plan on how to carry out the poultry operations.  The business plan enables you to operate the business from the points of view of a lawyer’s accountant’s, bankers’, producer’s and even hire hand’s perspectives.


  1. Land, equipment, and capital

You need these items to start and operate a poultry farm business. Buildings will be required for housing the chickens; you can go for either butches or barns, depending on how you prefer to raise the chickens. You may decide to take either the free-range or convention method of raising the chickens.  You need land on which to construct the chicken building.  You also need land to grow crops that can be used in feeding the chickens.  Machinery and equipment are required to work crops, dispose of dead stock and clean barns, etc.


  1. Decide on how best to bread the chickens

You can go the way of either the conventional system or the free-range system to raise your chickens. In the conventional system, the chickens are kept in barns that are set in areas under controlled photo-period and temperature.  In the free-range systems, the chickens are allowed to run around the farm and act as naturally as they can.


  1. Make a decision on the sector of the poultry industry to pursue

You can choose from either broiler or layer. The broiler is raised for its meat, while the layer is raised for egg production. You can equally go for some other sections of poultry business aside from these two. You can decide to venture into the hatchery, in which eggs are hatched to develop chickens, which are raised until they grow older and sold out to farms, which then raise them to resell as broilers or layers. The business of raising chickens differs from that of incubating the eggs and chicken rearing most of the time. Another aspect of the chicken business has to do with chicken slaughtering; you may also want to pursue this aspect of the poultry business.  Many of the chicken farms around are composed of many sectors as described above you can choose to operate only one of the sectors or all of them.


  1. Look for a niche market

If your location is focused on raising chicken via a particular way, you can decide to go after that particular niche (agricultural market) targeting the interest of the consumer


  1. Show yourself to your potential consumer and customer  

Let other individuals know that you have poultry meat or egg to sell; this is a way of advertising yourself. Word-of-mouth selling is one of the cheapest ways to sell your meat or eggs; it is popular too. You will not have to spend so much money to advertise in local newspapers. Do not forget that only a few people may end up reading the newspaper.  You can use word-of-mouth advertising, local newspaper advertising and even set up a website.


  1. Maintain accounting and records of your operation or business

This will let you know if you can make a profit or not from the poultry business.


Follow the local, state, province and federal laws when raising your animals



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  1. i really appreciate the effort you guys are putting in this blog, it shows that yes you have great plans for your fans.

    poultry business is one very lucrative business that i so much enjoyed especially for the meat aspect. every December i know how much i really make from it, but right now am thinking of going into a bigger expansion and employing people. so i want to know if you have any business template for poultry farming, u can recommend for me. thanks

  2. I like the advice, “Follow the local, state, province and federal laws when raising your animals”. I would hate to spend the money only to find out there are rules limiting what and how many I can have.

  3. A Poultry Farming business can be very lucrative. I had myself an organic farm and raised chicken and sold eggs. I would never suggest doing conventional poultry farming in our time, People getting more and more aware of the danger of conventional farmed meat and eggs. Organic farming will be better for the future.


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