Influencing an important skill for leaders


Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something. If someone influences someone else, they are changing a person or thing in an indirect but important way.
When we talk of influencing, it is very important to understand that there are so many areas one can influence others to either achieve a positive result or a negative one such as business, politics, religion, etc. and for such to be sucessful, one needs to follow some principles or rules to achieve this.
Always know that anybody who achieve success in this area is referred to as a successful influencer.

Successful influencers usually have a likeable personality, and connect with their audience by building rapport. Usually empathetic, they have confidence in their own ability, and are reliable and responsible. They are good at building trust.

Below are six(6) outline principles according to Cialdini’s. In this we are going to explain in details the importance 

  • Reciprocity; People feel obliged to return a favour. Always do a good turn if you can, people will remember and be more sympathetic to your cause.
  • Commitment and Consistency;  Everyone like to be consistent. Get people on your side and they will probably stay there. Get them to commit and “buy in”, perhaps by involving them in the development of the idea.
  • Social Proof or “herd behaviour “. Once the first people commit to you, others will follow, especially if they themselves are influencers
  • Liking; People will be influenced by those they like, or who belong to their age or racial group.
  • Authority; People accept the lead of those in positions of authority. Target support from senior people even if they are not decision makers for your project
  • Scarcity; Things are more attractive when they are scarce or there is a time pressure

This principles above helps us to understand one who is a good and successful influencer, this people as i rightly said before are mainly found in business, politics, religion. They help to influence those who they govern, pilot business with or shepherd. They are good listeners and are usually excellent communicators.


Influencing is a good skill that needs to be practiced. Practice your influencing skills before a meeting where you want to propose something. Consciously consider your audiences’ wants and needs, and deliberately construct an argument, demonstrating how your proposal will meets those needs. Explain the benefits, remembering not to confuse these with features.
Persuading and influencing people is an important skill and one you should definitely work on.


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