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What is the virtual machine?

A virtual machine is entirely different from a single operating system, for example, if you are reading this post, then you must be using PC, Laptop, or Smartphone. Any electronic device which you are using performs some predetermined actions. Example of tools is a desktop computer, a laptop, or a smartphone.


Peter Tassiopoulos

Computers are built with hardware. Hardware on its own is pretty hard to use for a regular person. That’s where the software comes in. A software typically made the computer to run smooth. Example of software is Windows, Mac Os x, Linux, Android, and IOS. This software has their unique ability to control over hardware, and because of their unique ability to work, they are put in a single term named as OS. So Operating system is software that can control the physical components of any device.

A virtual machine manager is also known as the hypervisor is the software which allows us to run other operating systems within the existing operating system. For example VirtualBox, VMware.

For example, if you are using an operating system name X, then you install Virtual Box with the virtual box you can create two different machines and install multiple operating systems. And in the end, you can use two different operating system with a single computer. There are many reasons to choose a virtual machine for example if you want an older version of the application or you want to use it because some software is running on an older version and some on the new version.

Demerits of Virtual machine

When two different operating system is running on same hardware, then each one of them will dominate for the higher storage and runs unstable performance on a single host which depends on the workload of the machine by running two different OS.

Nowadays people want to work from anywhere on whatever device they are using. Peter Tassiopoulos then introduced the latest future technology which is so convenient that anybody can do work with any devices which are integrated into a server.

Protocols of Glassware2.0

The main benefit of using Glassware2.0 is you can run any application on any hardware. They believe that any software codes which is written over the past 30 years can run smoothly on any devices like if you are using Chromebook, MacBook, tablets, phones, and PC then you don’t need to worry about any applications.

Peter Tassiopoulos


Peter Tassiopoulos is the President of Mississauga and the CEO Sphere 3D Inc. He spends his last 20 years working with mature companies and startups. Glassware2.0 is one of his best inventions of all time.

If you want to know more about Sphere 3d, then check out Peter Tassiopoulos video about how this application revolutionized in the field of technology.

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