The Beauty Of Romance

Today we will be looking at the beauty of romance, how it affects our relationship life and how it brings out the best or the beast in us.

First of all, what is romance ? romance is the act of showing love or care to spouse or someone you love.  99% of people in the world today thinks that romance is sex, which is a capital lie.

There is a big difference between them. Romance is a feeling why sex is a desire at a time. Today, marriages have been shattered why some are in jeopardy because there is no love. Mostly our Nigeria couple no longer have romance again in their marriage again.

You notice that after 2 to 3 kids, Parents no longer call themselves love names again instead you hear Mama Junior and or Papa Junior. There was a time my neighbour and his wife always had a quarrel, so one day I decided to find out only for me to hear from the wife’s mouth that the husband is not romantic. people do say that rich men have taking away everything from a poor man that the only thing he has is sex.

Who said so, poor men also engage in romance ,it has been given to us freely by nature to us, people around the world have engaged themselves in sex ,am not saying it’s bad but be rest assured that romance prolongs marital affairs, love life. There is this believe that always say that money is everything , with or without money you can still make your spouse feel loved.

Stress sometimes do stop spouse from having romantic moment together as a couple .when he or she comes back late with tiredness rest is the next thing that will occur .we are always working no time for our family very bad. Romance gives us recreational playmate,committed spouse,sense of humor. it is essential.

Examples of things that make us not to be romantic

  •  work
  • Stress
  • Time
  • Money
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