How Scooter Made A Teen A Multi-millionaire


Dominic McVey path to been a multi-millionaire or his Path to wealth is not a story that most people will associate with. That’s because the mainstream media always gives us a report of that real estate mogul who went from nothing and build millions.

Or that Silicon Valley teenager with an amazing software or an app idea that is the next big. And that’s the norm the society wants us to believe.

The story of Dominic is one of those touching story that is simple to understand that sprout of a simple idea: Selling micro scooter for kids.

Unlike 80% of wealth entrepreneurs that start out with an idea or plan to be millionaires. Dominic’s story took in a different angle.

A different angle because he was just a 13 years old boy. A teenager with a zealous ambition to get a credit card visa. Part of being a millionaire wasn’t his earliest plans life. All that Dominic wanted was his own scooter that he rides with it.

In search for a credit card visa on the internet, he misspelt the word to viza and that’s when he came across a US company called Viza.

Viza specialized in selling scooters in the United States. The dream that Dominic had was to own a scooter. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the luckiest kid. In other words, he had no money.

With a zealous determination to get a scooter of his, he contacted the company and offered them a deal. To sell the 5 scooters in the UK in exchange of getting the sixth one for free.

Like any kid being obsessed about something, he managed to sell all the scooters to his 5 closest friends. Soon there was a demand of scooters in the United Kingdom which made him sell thousands of scooters per week. That demands translates to thousands of euros per months in checks for Dominic. Then he got into selling different kinds of scooter for kids.

By the time he was 15 years old, Dominic had already earned 15 million pounds. Dominic found out that it was better to deal with companies over the internet because they never bothered to find out if his age as long as he sold their merchandise.

Dominic said that, most companies didn’t know the other person on the side of the screen was a 13 year old boy whose checks were signed by a mother. Most companies are unwilling to do business with persons under the age of 21 years and below.

When asked why he did set up the business? He said that, he wanted to prove that teenagers can also achieve success doing things that the things they love as long as they stay committed.

3 years later, that’s when he turned 18 years, he was appointed the pioneer of Britain Entrepreneurship by her Majesty, the Queen.

In year 2004, Dominic set up a company called Kew health and Beauty together with his young friend called Simon Tate. According to Sunday Times Rich List, Dominic McVey was worth 7 million euros. The magazine reported that he currently runs a portfolio of business interests from fashion to music and media to cosmetic.

Since then his business interest in various industries has been expanding. In August 2009 a Marketing Week magazine reported that he has acquired the men’s lifestyle magazine which made him the youngest national magazine publisher in the UK.

In 2009, Britain named him the second most influential business person under the age of 30 in the Sunday Times: The Top 30 Power Players under 30.

From that story, one thing comes out clear, anyone can become a millionaire. Age, education or skill can’t hinder anyone to be great as long as they put their commitment to success.

A story from Dominic McVey not only is it exciting, but an encouragement to that teenager girl or boy. An encouragement to anyone that believe they can turn their life around.

It doesn’t have to be a big crazy idea. Even a simple idea like selling peanuts, when well executed with the right energy and focus like the scooter business, can make one a millionaire. I hope this story has inspired you and your kid to make your life better than it was yesterday.

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