Six things you must do in 2018 to put your business on top


Six things you must do in 2018 to put your business on top or to stay ahead of your colleagues or peers as 2017 is about coming to an end.

The year 2017 is already coming to an end and so many people in one way or the other are already counting their blessings and naming them one by one. While a lot are still battling with meeting up to their 2017 dreams of been successful in life, businesses etc.

Although the year might not have started smoothly based on so many economical challenges which the country might have experienced in areas of economic recession or economic meltdown as the case may be, but despite all this, so many people had to drive through all odds to make their way through while the few ones could not go more than what they believe life has given to them.

So many people today believe that life generally is wicked because of how the year went for them, so many started businesses but couldn’t make it, while some are still struggling to make it . This alone is one of the biggest factors that has made so many people to go diabolical in search for answers to their financial status. some go to the extent of using their fellow brothers and sisters to do rituals, some join some occult society in order to gain fame and wealth and the truth remains not all who traded this path have gotten answers to their quest for financial freedom.

So below, I will be discussing six things that majority of people never did in 2017 that has affected their business greatly and even those who work. your ability not to save money from your monthly salary means a lot which can also affect your dreams too and below are the Six things you must do in 2018 to put your business on top or your career on top:

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  • Create an Online Presence
Create an Online presence
Create an Online presence

In this internet era where almost everyone is online everyday sharing one or two information, mingling and exchanging contact is the best avenue for a very serious minded entrepreneur to grow his business to a wider audience, an audience which he can not be able to reach physically if he or she were to be in his/her shop.

To create an online presence doesn’t necessary mean you will build or create your own website to sell your product , although creating one also helps your customers to understand and cherish your brands or business better. You should never stop at a website for those who desires to create one, make sure you create social media accounts that are linked to your website or blog that you will update on a regular basis. You can engage with your fans or customers by showcasing your products and making offers to attract them while building your brand.

But in the absence of creating a website, there are so many social media where one can grow his online presence such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, telegram, WhatsApp etc. And when you have created an online presence, always encourage your customers to leave a review on your website or social media so that when potential customers see this reviews, they will think positive of your brands or business and will want to invest in it by patronizing you.

The importance of growing this online presence is not to tell the whole world that you’re a big man now or that you’re now a CEO of so so company but an avenue to market your products, listens to customers questions , provide answers and make your money through selling your products and services. One can create a group or page in the case of Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram etc to achieve this. While other social medias, every post one makes, he should make use of the #hashTag to promote his service to those who search for it.

  •  Invest More Money
Invest more money
Invest more money

The success of every business begins at the point one begins to pump in more money for growth. Investing more money is very important in your businesses  if you really want to be on top of your competitors come 2018. Even investing money in yourself as an individual is also important, as the saying goes the way you dress defines who people see you as.

There are so many business opportunities that will come but your outward appearance is very important in getting such business contract or job or what be the case you’re pursuing physically.

When you invest more money in your businesses, make sure to be, wise, smart in working out initiatives to make your business grow so you don’t waste money in investing on wrong ideas or wrong initiatives.

  • Inculcate Good Pricing Skills To Your Business
Inculcate Good Pricing Skills To Your Business
Inculcate Good Pricing Skills To Your Business

Every business has a price at which services or goods are rendered or sold at, understanding this and understanding the market trends goes a long way to help individual in pricing or setting a price tag on a particular commodity.

So we encourage individuals to find a middle ground when learning how to set a price tag on a product. This is because if you sell your products at a high price, customers will run away from you and in the process you loose money. They will see your products as that which is not affordable.

If you put your price tag to be too low, more people will buy your goods and services but at the end, you may not make any gain or may be little gain and at the end, you may end up saying that this business is not productive.

This days I see a lot of people who will tell you that there is no money in this business and at the end you wonder why they say so when so many people are busy making it big, without knowing that the people say this kind of thing”there is no money in this so so business ” are those who bring their price too low and at the end such people tends to quit so soon.

In this year 2018, to be on top of your game, you need to make a good market survey, understand the market trends, the prices every goods is been sold for and work on your own.

Although it can be very hard to create prices for your products, but I so much believe that it’s not impossible. All you need is to conduct a market analysis to learn more about the market, your customers, your competitors. Study to find out what your competitors are charging for same products, after that you can conclude your analysis by asking both potential customers and your current customers to know how much they are willing to buy your products.

Please do not under price your goods, and do not over price it, make it moderate so that you can see more money to reinvest and also pay yourself.

Failure to do this leads to early quitting from your business dreams.

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  1. thanks for charing this its a nice post and so informatical Thanks for this 🙂 With Love jasmin https:/ /lollipopkosmetik.wordpress. com/2017/10/05/hamburgmeine-perle/

    • It is very important to invest more money into your business, because it is only when you invest more money will you learn to expand your businesses, even in blogging, sometimes you need to invest more money to grow your presence and your reach.

    • Thank you Sydney for reading and contributing and I hope this will be very useful for you. Also do not hesitate to read the continuation to find more powerful tips

    • Thank you Chery for your contributions and also finding out time to go through this great tips. Please do not hesitate to read the continuation for more powerful tips.

  2. Oh my … 2018 is just around the corner! Hard to believe. I think thinking ahead is always a good thing to plan and prepare. You’re right on about building a presence online. This is one area that can really help build your presence through name recognition and having a blog with your personal name as the domain. And YES, starting a griup where people get to know you better is an excellent method.. helpful post – thank you!

  3. Loved your point about investing more money. I mean why not? It’s an investment in myself, my company and my followers. I think after reading this article I will promise to add at least 15% to my marketing budget

  4. It is vital in these days to have a social media presence. Many businesses overlook this necessity for future growth. It may be more important than putting in more funding. Pricing properly is key, of course. But investing more is not always the best option. Sometimes it’s better to cut unnecessary costs.

  5. thanks to Page Magazine for making my year great with this beautiful article. God bless u guys.
    i have been running my business for years now without thinking about the importance of online presence and with this method, i think am good to go.

  6. That was a great and comprehensive article…all the tips enumerated and explained will be helpful for those who are wise enough to tap from it. Any business nowadays without social media signals and presence may not make it to the outermost, and investment too is part of the key to success in business. Keep up the good work.


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