How to start-up a successful business with or without money


Starting a successful business with or without a capital is a 100% possible dream to achieve and grow to become a multimillionaire.

Every man born of a woman wants to be successful and own the biggest mansion in the world and possible the best jet to move around. But the hard truth is that not everybody can achieve their dreams. In fact  out of 100% people that dream big only less than 10% that achieve their goals. And this 10% are people who really understand what distractions can cause and separate pleasure with real work.

In my research, I was able to find out that even those 10% who make it are mainly people from a very poor background and today I will be taking you through the very steps of becoming a successful entrepreneur with or without money.

How To Become A Successful Business Man or An Entrepreneur

To become a successful business man or an entrepreneur means that one has discovered a purpose for himself and he is ready for the purpose to be taken to the next level.

One’s purpose in life can be anything, such as music, comedy , writing, speaking or handwork as the case may be. When God created each and everyone of us, he gave us a talent, skills , purposes so that through this gifts we may excel in our lives trying to fulfil this purposes for creating us.

Discovering your talents or skills or learning a new skills to improve yourself is very important for anybody who seeks to be successful in business or entrepreneurship.

How To Start A Successful Business With Little or Without A Capital

Starting from online or internet , there are so many businesses one can do with or without money. In one of my last articles I talked about a young man called Dominic McVey who became a multi-millionaire by selling a product without a capital, his Path to wealth is not a story that most people will associate with. That’s because the mainstream media always gives us a report of that real estate mogul who went from nothing and build millions.

Or that Silicon Valley teenager with an amazing software or an app idea that is the next big. And that’s the norm the society wants us to believe.

The story of Dominic is one of those touching story that is simple to understand that sprout of a simple idea: Selling micro scooter for kids.

So one can start by doing just as Dominic McVey did by selling a product online, or solving a problem online through so many platforms. To achieve this without money or with little money, one can achieve it through this means :

  • Freelancing: one can register with any freelancing website and  begin to provide a service such as writing articles, graphics designs, web designs etc.  In doing so, you stand to earn big income and live big. There are so many people who are really making it through this means without much capital , just little money for internet subscription.
  • Affiliate Marketing :   one  good thing about Affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to buy any product to sell, but rather provide an avenue for to help others sell their products which can be through writing a good review about the products or placing the affiliate link on your blog for your fans or visitors who visit your site to buy the products through the link places on your website.
  • Blogging: you can start a blog in any good niche of your choice, write good and quality content, drive traffic to your site and monetize it.
  • Learn Handwork :  you can learn any skill of your choice and build on it. One good thing in learning hand work is that you can never be hungry, you will always see clients who needs your services but this can only be possible only if you know what you’re doing. Reasons why so many people doing hand work finds it hard to earn is because not learning and getting enough and relevant skills before seeking for clients.
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  1. Great post! This is in fact what I am doing right now. Starting a financial blog in the hopes of making money while having a career. I know I still have a lot to do but I know I will get there if I am persistent. Keep up with the good work!

  2. Nice blog right here! Also your website loads up very quickly! What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your affiliate hyperlink for your host? I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol


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