The president of South Africa, His Excellence President Jacob Zuma visited Owerri on Saturday the 14th of October 2017 to sign an MOU between Zuma foundation and Rocha’s foundation.

The event which was hosted at Owerri the State capital saw many dignitaries both from Nigeria, South Africa and other African countries who witnessed the beautiful events.

During the event, His excellence the President of south African narrated his history how he began his early life with nobody to send him to school, how he struggled to go to school and how he entered politics till he became the President. His story was an inspiring one and so many who attended the event found inspiration to struggle more while working hard.

After the signing of the Mou between the two foundation, it didn’t end there, the IMO state Governor (Rocha’s Okorocha) led his excellence the President of South African to one of the newly constructed road which was named after him for commissioning and also a statues of the President which cost many millions of naira to erect was also commissioned.

President Zuma's Statue in Owerri
President Zuma’s Statue in Owerri

After the commissioning, he was also conferred with one of the biggest  chieftaincy title in Igboland.

President Zuma's Chieftaincy, Owerri
President Zuma’s Chieftaincy, in Owerri

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As a result of the visit, it has created so much attentions within and outside the state. So many Imolites and non Imolites, politicians, elder statemen, etc. have taken to the social media to either bless or rain curses on the IMO state governor over his recent decision.

Some blessed and praised him for being the best governor of the people and in Africa while majority rained curses on him saying that he spent N520 million naira on a project to honour a President whose country is busy killing Nigerians and it didn’t end there he went further to give pensioners in the state bounce cheque while some complained of owning the state workers of some months salaries.

Some went on to say that they do see Imolites as the most educated people in Nigeria but from what has happened so far, it shows that , that mindset is now zero with the rate at which Imolites allowed a man to deceive them and yet they still praised him, is it not stupidity?

Nigerians react on Twitter

Nigerians react on Twitter
Nigerians react on Twitter
Nigerians react on Twitter
Nigerians react on Twitter
Nigerians react on Twitter
Nigerians react on Twitter
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