Sweetness Of Life


Today we will be discussing about life and it sweetness. When I was much younger I never understood the proper meaning of life, I was referring it as a stage in oneself where you pass through growth.

But as times goes by, I got to know that it is the experience of being alive, the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from dead body ,or the period from birth to death. most times we normally ask ourselves why do people die?

History has made us to believe that in life that there are short spam and or long life spam. People die when it is their time to die even the bible made us to believe that life and death is the greatest gift God gave to us human, because without been born you wouldn’t come into the world and without death you wouldn’t go to heaven.

This is so in order to glorify God’s name. looking back in the days of Adam and eve, when they ate the apple in the garden of eden their eyes opened to know good and bad, there was a chance of survival for them but because of the existence of life, God decided to chase them out.

Just imagine if they had eaten the fruit of good again they wouldn’t be able to die again, life spam of today will be forever and mind you that they wouldn’t be able to come out of sin properly in the sense that they will be half mortal and half immortal.

science has made us to understand that life is inhaling in air and out. life turns around like the way the world turns. life is full of recognition, treat, reflection.

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