When we talk about the mirror image, in this context we are speaking about our own self, a self that when you look at the mirror one can be proud of himself and say yes this is the man I want to be or this man you must be great. Then

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“Relax! Have fun and don’t stress. The ups and downs are all a part of it. ”
How you see yourself; a subjective assessment of what you think you are worth is your personal life chauffeur. It’s called self esteem. It affects the way you act, associate, trust, love. It basically defines you.

Having a positive self perception doesn’t mean thinking of yourself as the best, when truly you aren’t. It’s having a good understanding of yourself; knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, aiming for efforts rather than perfection and viewing mistakes as a learning opportunity.

Being able to manage your inner critic is key. Comparing yourself to others can get you feeling inferior and like a disappointment. You need to understand that everyone excels at a different pace and in different things. What works for you? What gets you all hyped up? It doesn’t need to be what others are doing. Do what you love for yourself and for your happiness and give yourself the credit for your accomplishments.

Be bold and confident. Take pride in your opinions and know that everyone sees things differently. Just because they disagree with your ideas doesn’t mean you are wrong. Make contributions, as it is a way to discover yourself and your abilities, and take compliments for your efforts. Relax! Have fun and don’t stress. The ups and downs are all a part of it.

Self esteem are just formed by thoughts, self opinions and feelings so guess what? They can be changed to be positive! It’s all bout the way you think.

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