The power of makeup


Show me somebody who doesn’t like good things or appreciate beauty and I will show you a bad entity and that is why in today’s topic we are looking at the power of makeup.

Have you ever been in a relationship and each time you and your guy are together in public he doesn’t treat you special especially when he finds himself in area where fine girls or ladies are ?  Or each time you guys goes out, it will be as if you’re forcing yourself on him?

If you find yourself in this category then listen and listen very careful as I tell you my story!

Some years ago, I dated a lady who is okay but wasn’t beautiful to my eyes, I was just managing her because every other lady I talked to couldn’t give me the chance to date them all because I never had the financial resources to keep them, these ladies where the classic ladies and most beautiful creatures I adored even better than my girlfriend… Why ? Just because the power of their makeup makes them look so natural without believing that if my girl could have such opportunity , she too could be classic.

Then after so many cries from my girlfriend from the way I treated her, she decided to quit the relationship to find a better life and focus on her career than men.

Then after 3years, something happened. What was that ?

Now I met this my girlfriend who I couldn’t believe she could be a queen….gosh….I said to myself but been a man I was, I had to comport myself so that she doesn’t see that guilt in me.

Now the question is what really happened to her ?

She has really changed to become most beautiful slay queen. Looking at her I now understood that yes, makeup has the power to change anybody’s status irrespective of how ugly you’re.

The power of makeup can not be overemphasized because this days as technology is advancing, makeup is also advancing.

When you do the right makeup, it brings out the beauty in you and hides the ugliness in you.

Now how does the power of makeup change one to become beautiful ? 

There are three ways the power of makeup changes one and this three ways are, dressing code, facial make-up and hair style. This three will be discussed below:

The power of makeup: Dressing Code
The power of makeup: Dressing Code
  • Dressing Code:  There are ladies who are naturally beautiful and has good shape and for their beauty to come out, they need to work on their dressing code. When I was in the university I do find this kind of ladies very well and most of them are dressing this way because of the nature of church they go.  Then I had friends who were going to deeper life church…this people have good body built but their dressing has affected their physical beauty from manifesting. So I strongly advice all ladies to look at their shape and wear the best cloths that suits them and can attract the right man to them.

  • Facial make-up:  When we talk of Facial make-up, we are simple talking about the face, what to add or subtract from the face that will make your face shine and bring out the beauty in you. The truth remains that because the world is advancing , our environment is also advancing etc…and as a result , most of the soaps we use may or may not be good to our skin but the most important thing is that whether the soap is good or not good , we should learn to work with our make-up to brighten our face and make it look  presentable and acceptable to all who sees the face. There are so many makeups one can apply such as the popular MaryKay, Zaron etc..
The power of makeup
The power of makeup
  • Hair Style : sometimes a lady’s beauty may not depend on the makeup on her face or the type of dress code she has on. Sometimes and most times it greatly depends on her hair style. I have seen ladies who plait their hairs and their beauty comes out, while some only put weavon and their own beauty comes out too.   To work on this anytime you make your hair always seek for peoples opinion on how you look and sometimes it is good to always snap any new hair style you make and share with your fans on the social media and their comments will go a long way to help you through in sticking to some particular hair styles.
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