The Secret to Becoming a Successful Business Strategist


In the ever-changing business climate in today’s world, business strategists are required to help a business navigate through challenges to become a growth-oriented success story. For this reason, a business strategist must be equipped with qualitative tools to help build a creative plan and its implementation, to the requirements of the business goals set by higher-ups. The business strategist like Bradley Fauteux and others has to be very creative which involves staying positive, being confident, thoroughly informed, critical thinking, etc. Brad Fauteux has specific experience in the areas of service delivery, organizational design, business development, relationship management, and financial management.

There are a few secrets to becoming a successful business strategist which are as under;

Build your Toolkit:

A successful strategist has to build their toolkit which involves market analysis, experience reviews, desktop research, scenario planning, etc. This toolkit helps in blending qualitative strategic process with critical thinking and cooperation with teams. It can help in the rapid growth of opportunities in online space, and also solving challenges of the business. Different strategists have their preferred approaches towards the business which helps in shaping their unique toolkit over time. That’s why we can say that no toolkit is the same. Also, strategist should give a go at different methods of work to add to their toolkit. With more experience, the strategist can have many different kinds of methods and frameworks to choose from to design a particular strategy.

Set yourself back by a few Years:

Carl Sagan a famed astrophysicist, “You have to understand the past to understand the present”, and these words hold for business strategist too. These days business is so obsessed with timelines, this will allow them to understand and learn a thing or two about timelessness. A business strategist can use this to gauge information regarding their business currently, by recognizing attitudes, learning about behaviors, getting know-how about different ideas about business in the past. It will help them in comparing what has changed, hasn’t changed yet, or withstood the test of time. All of this can be used to create a plan for business so that business grows exponentially over time. 

Archive your Media Consumption:

The business strategist must become more skilled while improving their knowledge by constantly referring books, podcasts, news stories, documentaries, etc. They should record all the media consumed for future reference so that they are well prepared to use it whenever needed in the business concern. A business strategist can also try and condense all that data into a single sentence or even write down the most remarkable thing they found about it. If creativity is about connecting the dots then they should start by connecting more dots. After that, they will either find holes in that media or will begin to see more patterns around them in this world.

Debunk your own Opinions:

In formulating a strategy, the business strategist needs to be decisive. Although the decisiveness can lead to problems like certitude, self-assurance, worst of all the sense of cockiness. The business strategists have an innate quality in which their creative mind has a sense of contrarianism. They tend to think scientifically and recognize bias and blind spots. Exploring contrasting views also builds up the elasticity of mind for them. Mainly it is about listening to the opinions of someone you disagree more, not less. It allows some debunk your own opinions and build up more sound perspective for the betterment of business concern.

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