The Yoruba Fashions


Yoruba people take pride in their attire. clothing materials come from processed cotton by traditional weavers.

Basically, Yoruba has Aṣo-Oke (the most prestigious clothing), which comes in three major colors (other patterns, colors available):

Alaari – a rich red Aṣọ-Oke,Sanyan- a brown and usual light brown Aṣọ-Oke, andẸtu- a dark blue Aṣọ-Oke.

Other clothing materials include:

Ofi– pure white yarned cloths, used as cover cloth, it can be sewn and worn.

Aran– a velvet clothing material sewn into Danṣiki and Kẹmbẹ, worn by the rich.

Adirẹ– cloth with various patterns and designs, dye in indigo ink (Ẹlu).

Yoruba wares are gender sensitive. Men wear Kẹmbẹ, Dandogo, Danṣiki, Agbada, Buba, Ṣokoto and matching caps such as (Eleti-Aja), dog-shaped cap, fila-ẹtu.

Women wear Iro (wrapper) and Buba (the top) with a matching head-gear (gele). For important outing, Yoruba woman will add a Shawl (Ipele/Iborun) always on the shoulder.


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