Top 5 Countries to Visit with Friends

Top 5 countries to visit with friends

The trip with your close friends is better than a thousand trips alone as your friends are close to you than your family members so it’s obvious that one wants to go to holiday with their friends so that they can make more memorable moments with their close off.


The first on the list is Australia, as it is the most desirable place in our inventory. It has got a ton of places to visit and a lot of things to do. It is located in the Pacific and Indian oceans, and it is the world’s smallest continent and world’s largest island if you want to explore the traditional lifestyle or the national people, from relaxing in a beach or walking under the night sky in the streets. Australia has one of the top underwater destination the Great Barrier Reef. It has more than 2900 coral reefs and hundreds if the island of clay. Australia also has a variety of places like Sydney, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Hobart& Tasmania.


The second on the list is Spain, from the beaches, nightlife. Mouth-watering cuisine, lively fiestas are all the things the makes Spain best destination in Europe. Spain has the several regions and islands .it has the most diverse cultures and landscapes on the continent.

Madrid Spain’s capital and largest city are widely for its vivid nightlife scene. The town constitutes ethnic groups and making Madrid Europe’s most colourful city. Located in the city centre are most of Madrid’s most popular tourist attractions the Royal Palace,

Spain is a country which has some of the most beautiful islands in Europe, the largest islands divided into Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.


The third one is Greece, known for its whitewashed villages, tasty cuisine, and ancient ruins. Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations .it is mainly made up of a mountain mainlands and many islands where each has its type of stunning landscape, nightlife scenes, and cultural delights.

The beautiful Greek islands lure thousands of tourists every year, making the world’s top travel destinations. With approximately 2000 islands with a variety of beaches.


The fourth one Austria is well known for its scenery, beauty, and cultural activities. The Alps its trendy place for skiers and hikers .it also gave the worlds the most critical world musical heritage from Mozart to Strauss waltzes and von trap family. When thinking of elegant dances and Johann Strauss the things that come to mind is Vienna the capital, and its largest holds approximately more than 200 balls per year, and it is also known for its classical composers, Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven.


The last but not the least Turkey once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empire, with the beaches and beautiful countryside .a visit to turkey is a mesmerizing vacation .its diversity having such as ancient ruins of Ephesus to the luxury beach.

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