Ensure you have the right keywords planned out before you even open Power Editor or Facebook Ads Manager to start creating an ad. No matter how much you spend, if you target the wrong audience, you will not get the results you seek.
You can get highly targeted Keywords from Google Adwords. Facebook Insights also helps.
If you ever plan to place Ads on Facebook and you desire to see great Conversion rates, budget at least $50. I have a rule of thumb that guides me when placing Ads on Facebook –
Less than $50 – Like Campaigns, Blog Traffic
Above $50 – Product Page, Salesletter, Join Group,etc
You get to know your Audience better when you create them from Facebook’s Super Software – AUDIENCE INSIGHTS. You need Google Chrome to access this feature which will give you greater insights on your target Audience than Ads Manager ever will.
Never ever scale your Ad until you have tested it and it has proven itself as a honeypot for your audience. I have seen people start untested Ads with $20! It sends shivers down my spine.
Endeavour to test your Ad-set to ensure it ‘fires’ right, displays right and converts right before scaling it up. For example, if you’re going to run a Page Like Campaign, run a $2 for 24 hours first. If done right, your Ad should record at least 30-40 Likes.
Anything short of this is Failure. Redesign your Ad and Test again or else you’ll be flushing hard earned currency down Zuckerberg’s pocket when you scale that Ad to $20 and above.
There are 3 Parameters/Metrics used in measuring the Success or Failure of any Facebook Ad –
i. CPR (Cost per Result) –The average cost per result from your ads. A CPR of $0.01 per Page like is Optimum. CPR of $0.30 upwards is Failure!
ii. Reach – The number of people who saw your ads at least once. Reach is different from impressions, which may include multiple views of your ads by the same people.
iii. Results – The number of times your ad achieved an outcome, based on the objective you selected.
I once ran a $20 Ad on Facebook for 2 Days. Facebook diverted 90% of the Ad to Instagram and the post generated 2,000 likes on the first day and by the second, it was upwards of 5,000 Likes.
Guess how many people bought the Product?
Guess how many Instagram followers I got?
Did I ask Facebook to send my Ad to Instagram?
If you don’t learn anything from me today, learn this – NEVER EVER allow Facebook divert your Ad to Instagram or their ‘Audience Network’ except you have genuine reasons. If you create an Ad for Facebook and it gets to Instagram, many users will see it and many will like the image but they will not get to your Product Page because Instagram will never re-direct them there.
Except there have been very recent changes in the Facebook-Instagram apposition, you will need special software to get Instagram Pictures to redirect clicks to your product page. (Instagram Advertising is topic for another day). This mistake is one made by some of the biggest Marketing companies and gurus and unknown to them, it is a ‘minor but costly’ mistake!
I once saw a sponsored post on Instagram requesting me to go like a Facebook Page. I shook my head in pity, thinking “Men, I’m never going to leave Instagram to go like your Page on Facebook bro.”
“Well done Mr. Zuckerberg!”
How do you avoid this dreadful mistake Facebook wants you to keep making?
– Create your Ads using Ads Manager/Power Editor
– When you get to the Placements Column, select ‘Edit Placement’. This is very important. Unselect the Instagram and Audience Network options and leave only the Facebook Options. By now they will become default.
Save this setting and continue creating your Ad. You are good to go.
I learnt this very important skill from Sir Ronald and you need to pay attention here. If you are going to create an Ad-set targeting Single Ladies in Nigeria, you can’t go around using the face of an obese white woman smiling sheepishly at the camera. What are you thinking?!
Sir Ronald taught me this – if you’re going to advertise to a target audience, ensure your image reflects the Position, Feeling, Mood and Demographic of that audience. If you’re creating an ads for unemployed youths in Nigeria, Google ‘Frustrated Black Man’.
Select Images. Search for the most frustrated black man in the grid. Save his pic to your computer. Appropriate for your Ad.
AGAIN, your Ad Image must either showcase your Product or connect with the Position, Feeling, Mood and Demographic of your Audience. This inherently leads to the next Top Tip –
For optimum performance, your Facebook Ad must contain the following –
– An Attractive Image/Video
– A Compelling Story or Question
– A Clear Call to Action
The latter 2 can come in any order –
* ‘LIKE our Page to get the Latest Tips on Poultry and Fish Farming’
* ‘Want to get the Latest Job and Vacancy News? LIKE our Page now
The Shorter the Better. If people have to click ‘See More’ to view your complete Ad, you have lost 10-20% of your Audience.
Once you hit ‘Publish’ on that Ad you just spent the last 30 minutes crafting, it is your heart’s deepest desire to see your Page Likes, Traffic and Bank alerts roll in. However, this is not often the case and 90% of the time, it is because your Adverts have fallen into the wrong hands.
Sometimes, you have used the best Keywords to target your Audience and you are getting great Impressions and Engagements but the Ad is just not converting. Facebook Pixel informs you that they are landing on your Product Page and some are even clicking the Add to Cart button, but none is checking out.
Sir, this is the problem –
You are targeting the right audience, but most of them cannot pay.
How can you ensure the PAYABILITY of your target audience?
i. Age Targeting – In placing ads on Facebook, use 25 – 65+ in the age column to ensure your audience have purchasing power and also to include those with inflated ages.
ii. Device Targeting – Laptop users are more relaxed or more likely to be situated in a more relaxed environment than mobile users. They are therefore more likely to relax and read your Ad.
DISCLAIMER: This is not to say you should not target mobile users, but again, TEST.
Also, proper Device Targeting will ensure the Ad for your N30,000 Premium Product does not land in the hands of Mallam Abubakar in a danfo with his Tecno T1 on the way to his house in Oworonsoki. iPhone users are more likely to be richer than Android users. An additional Ad-set for strictly iPhone users will not be out of place.
DISCLAIMER: I mean no disrespect to Android users as I am an Android user myself but this is Business – No sentiments.
iii. Timing – ‘Salary don enter’. The first week of the month is usually the best week of the month to tantalize your Audience with your Products and Services.

No one ever gets Facebook Ads right, the first time except by exceptional skills in targeting, continuous testing and mentoring.


lets hear from you your challenges and how you overcame them in advertising your business using social media.

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