Twitter user makes shocking claim amidst war with Daddy Freeze about knowing Timi Dakolo’s side chic

Twitter user makes shocking claim amidst war with Daddy Freeze about knowing Timi Dakolo’s side chic

The war of words on Instagram between Controversial on-air personality, Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo seems to be far from over.

It all started after Freeze’s disagreement on Timi’s stand on divorce, where he had stated that divorce was a huge blessings to him and should not be condemned.

According to him, marriage is meant for adults who understand the the depth and import of the marital clause which reads: ‘for better for worse’; stressing that marriage is not for the ‘shallow and impatient generation.’

On his instagram page @timidakolo, he wrote: “The way people are making divorce look like something kool… Like your marriage vow means nothing..


“It makes me wonder what they thought for better for worse meant…If you weren’t sure…Why did you go ahead?

“Don’t give love a bad name…You guys are the problem not that marriage is bad.

“This shallow minded and impatience generation….Fix yourself.

“Marriage is for two complete adults…Don’t enter into it with your incomplete self.

“Marriage will not make an incomplete person complete… You should come into it prepared and complete…But what do i know? Am i not just a Musician?

After his post went viral, He came under attack.. A lot of folks disagreed with him, including some celebrities like Toni Payne, Uti Nwachukwu Daddy Freeze.

Estranged wife of 9ice, Toni Payne in disagreement wrote on Instagram @officialtonipayne ” Dear Judge Dakolo, Life is absolutely NOT a one way street and most people whose marriage did not work did not want it so. I doubt people say I do just cos it’s fun to say I don’t after. #

“If your wife decides to leave today (I don’t wish it for you) pin her down and make her stay. Make her stay so we don’t blame you irrespective of how hard you may have tried to make it work privately. Lock her in the house so we don’t call you an “incomplete adult” seeing as your assumption is that all marriages that end do so for one reason.

“Maybe your point would have been better made by not generalizing. Force her to stay so that when you try to gather your life together and move on, we won’t say you are making divorce “look cool.” That’s when you will realize sometimes, some situations we find ourselves in, are completely out of our hands. That not all divorces end because both parties weren’t ready.

“It takes two to tango boo, it takes two to really want something to work badly enough. Simply thank your stars that you have two and not one. If you didn’t, that is when you will learn that life isn’t how you see it and that every situation won’t be the same.

“Then we wonder why some stay in abusive marriages or with serial cheats who could potentially give them deadly STDs. Why won’t they because see how society judges things with one lens… Nobody prays or wishes for a broken marriage, NOBODY!… but what do I know.

OAP Freeze, also a divorcee wrote: “So pastor Oyakhilome that got divorced is an incomplete person abi?

“A friend of mine nearly had his dick cut off by his ex wife. She tied him down in his sleep, If not for the fact that his younger brother broke down the door and rescued him, today he would have been dickless. I wish he had listened to TIMI’S advice and remained in the marriage with or without his penis, as long as he kept his vows abi? God punish bad people!

“I am a living testimony that divorce from a bad situation is a HUGE BLESSING, as in baba blessing, my entire family and I rejoice everyday, thanking God for the gift of divorce.

“If person wan kill you, no run o, siddon inside the marriage dey dance to Timi music-FRZ”

Presenter and BBA finalist, Uti Uwachukwu also wrote “it just sounds callous smug self righteous and judgemental bruh…you have to be sensitive when addressing issues like this, nobody holy pass and like i said to you before do up to 10 years before shouting like this.”

In response to Daddy Freeze, Timi Dakolo wrote;

Twitter user makes shocking claim amidst war with Daddy Freeze about knowing Timi Dakolo’s side chic

“I have waited for this day like a child waiting for a new toy forts let me address your teaching people this shallow doctrine of not to pay tithe and how our offerings are going to the pastors pocket…All your talk about pastors and grow they spend our tithes.

“We as Christians give our offering/tithe to God whether pastor chop or not na him go answer to God and God will keep blessing us for giving.

“Stop misleading innocent minds and demonic teaching..(To the people looking at the woman who broke her alabaster box it was a waste) To Jesus it was an offering..A canal mind cannot understand the things of the spirit.

“And let me treat this ya jumping into this my talk on marriage, Oga Freeze i respect you but honestly you don’t have any right to talk marriage and give advice or even contribute any little bit..

“My respect for you went down the drain the day i saw you call the mother that gave you children useless..I mean the word useless to the mother of your children, what is lower than that?

“Guy go boil beans or peel egusi, Men know what to say and when to say them.

“My brother fear God..his ways are not like ours, Christians pay your is to God.

“And young people i will say this again,don’t rush into marriage, be certain

“No human being will complete you, forever is a long time to make such a mistake, ladies let me tell you the truth all men love curves and boobs and beautiful face but would forever respect a complete intelligent woman

“Come into marriage prepared its not an after party you can just stand up and leave.

“Apart from domestic violence which i don’t support, try and make it work its a partnership of two complete people.

“You need patience, understanding and a very high level of communication..For you to love someone is to know that person a great deal.”

Then Daddy Freeze Fired Back:

Twitter user makes shocking claim amidst war with Daddy Freeze about knowing Timi Dakolo’s side chic

“Unlike you, I haven’t waited all my life to respond to you, why should I? Who are you and where’s the sense in what you write or what you stand for?

“You are a product of this same shallow doctrine yourself, the churches you perform at, where do you think they get the money to pay from?

“You speak about marriage, how long you been married for? What do you know? You say I don’t have the right to comment on marriage, who gave you the license to comment?

“I was married for 10 whole years, you dingbat! If I can’t comment on marriage, WHO CAN?

“You call my teachings ‘demonic’, why don’t you back yours up with the Bible? My demonic teachings have full biblical support, how would you know? Do you read your bible?

“You follow pastors like sheep up and down, is it now paining you that they could be giving more gigs to younger artists, and you are now crying on the internet?

Do you think I’m so stupid as not to know what that forlorn dirge you pasted on the internet about (ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE BUILDING YOUR DREAM OR THE PASTOR’S OWN..) stood for?

You say you give tithe and offering to God when you give it to a pastor, is that what God said in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 or in Nehemiah10:38?

Do you have a copy of the Bible at all? I suggest you get yourself one.

“I shouldn’t be educating you, but do read from Matthew 25:32 to know what it takes to “give to God” and ‘pastor’ or ‘man of God’ isn’t in the equation.

“You don’t know shit about my marriage, so you have no right whatsoever to comment on it, I didn’t comment on yours, or how you are handling it, so don’t get personal, your life is far from perfect.

“Typing in caps is shouting your words, NOT YOUR MESSAGE, which remains as vacuous as the writer.

“You lost respect for me? I never had any for you! Sorry, but I’m not big on pulpit puppets.

“Maybe if you spent more time writing music than writing for the blogs, more kids won’t be wondering “who’s timi dakolo?”

In the midst of all these drama, a Twitter user is now claiming Timi Dakolo apparently has a side chic. Identified as Moyosore on Twitter, he says he has seen Timi a couple of times with his side chic, and he stood his ground, after many backlash he received.

Read the screenshots below;

Twitter user makes shocking claim amidst war with Daddy Freeze about knowing Timi Dakolo’s side chic


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