Two Steps In Setting Up A Profitable Online Store

    If you don’t already have/know a product you want to sell online, then you must decide on a product to sell. Follow the below listed steps to select a product whose sale is likely to go viral and earn you loads of cash.
  •   Uncover Opportunities in Keywords; Simply type in defined keywords like photography etc in the Google search engine bar and click search, then click news at the top right corner, there you can view what’s trending in your country for the keyword. Select the product from the trending news.using this example, you can view that using Drone Cameras for outdoor weddings is trending, adding this service to your photography business will definitely bring value, leads and eventual hike in profits.
    * Build an Interesting and Captivating Brand.
    * Identify and Solve a Customer Pain Point; A pain point may or may not be a physical pain, whether selling a highly effective natural home-made arthritis pain relieve balm targeted at the elderly ones, or
    Creating a liaison with a big grocery store to re-sell their products online and handle delivery to neighborhood residents to further ease their shopping process, you are relieving a pain point. This is sure to be a success. Look around for pain points you can ease in any community you are familiar with.
    . Identify and cater to consumer passions
    . Follow your own passion
    .Look for an opportunity gap
    .Make use of your own Experience & Expertise
    .Capitalize on Trends early; You can discover what’s trending everywhere with Google Trends. E.g for those in the Beauty Business coconut oil is trending, consider manufacturing 100% genuine coconut oil to sell online worldwide.
    Step 2;Evaluating your product choice

Once you have a product idea in mind, how do you know if it’s a good idea or not?
Your product needs to be evaluated itself, as well as the market for it.

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