United legend Gary Neville slams Pogba


Manchester United great Gary Neville has blasted midfielder Paul Pogba over his poor performance in their recent 3-2 win over Crystal Palace.

Speaking at a recent interview with Sky Sports, the former right-back said, “He’s (Pogba) been nowhere near good enough. His great strength is he plays with freedom and like he’s playing in the park with mates.”

The Englishman continued, “But his great weakness is (just that). It’s like everything he does is a YouTube or Instagram video. It’s like he’s not serious, like it’s a joke to him in terms of the way he goes about things. No wonder Jose has left him out in the last few weeks a number of times.”

The not so Special One?

Neville also called Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho’s choice of tactics by adding, “I have never seen a Mourinho team as inefficient as this. They are usually efficient, solid and calm at the back, and methodical in attack.”

The 43-year-old concluded, “I don’t recognise this, he won’t recognise it. I don’t recognise this as a performance. How are they going to get a level next season to compete with Man City next season, and they are nowhere near that level out there.”

United have indeed been looking like a shell of their former self of late, evidenced by their shambolic performance in their match against Palace, which the English giants survived by the skin of their teeth. Some serious soul-searching is definitely in order.

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