In the old testament book of Judges, the bible relates how Samson, when he became conscious of a threat to his life, arose from sleep at midnight in the city of Gaza, took hold of the city gates, tore them out of the ground bar and all, and carried the gates to the top of the hill facing Hebron. Similarly, this blog shall be posting fresh editions every Friday exactly at the midnight hour in order to tear the murderous heathen gates of ignorance out of the ground and carry them to the top of the hill of wisdom for exposure and burning in full view of all. From the top of the hill, we can see how the world seems to be making a mad rush towards damnation. Everywhere you look, a new perversion that would have made the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorah blush, rears its head to be accepted as normal. And rather than condemn and reject these perversions outright, many who identify as Christians or at least morally upright, choose to water down their positions. That means going soft on certain fundamental truths about which a person’s views should never evolve. Evolution is better left to the realm of science and invention where cars, phones, airplanes, etc.change and improve in aesthetics, power and efficiency from year to year. On the other hand, morality should indeed remain constant in how it draws a fine line between good and evil. That constancy helps to keep science from going crazy (for instance in deciding that human beings should not be cloned though it seems this boundary has already been crossed). But ordinarily, what better way to help maintain a fast and efficient filter of discernment than through Visual Art, a great help in time of the soul’s needs for truth and light in a world of horrors. Accordingly, this blog is dedicated to highlighting the role of the arts in promoting anti-corruption and enhancing the readiness of Nigeria to deal with corruption once and for all.


Today’s work of art for anti-corruption is titled STRINGS OF GLORY by DON OKES, a Benin based artist who has featured here before. This work as we can see highlights the brute power of music to communicate joy even when the singer has been blinded by the greenness of the land that is meant to be green for him. A culture of corruption has turned the greener pastures into instruments of obstruction but it has not and cannot kill the music. It cannot keep the musical masses from “strumming away their pains with their fingers (among other available instruments).”

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