VISUAL ART AND CORRUPTION: The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory

Just yesterday Christians commemorated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which demonstrated His power over the forces of death & Hades. We therefore take off under the full power of His ressurection in this first working day of the week. As we gallop down the week, please don’t forget to pay ARTtention to all important details. That means noticing that ART IS EVERYWHERE. Indeed the idea that Art Is Everywhere has been with us for quite some time especially as carried by the decades old Installation Arts Movement which emphasized the use of ready made objects like bottles, clothes, sticks, newspaper pages, the basic components of works of art; a practice that most famously began with Marcel Duchamp, an early 21st century French Artist.


Steady consumption of Visual Art actually induces an ability to cut through the negative in order to identify and make effective use of the positive. In this information age when we are constantly bombarded by text, pictures, video, graphics, etc, this ability is all important. You know for instance as you surf the web that its important to deploy an effective mental and spiritual sieve that quickly retrieves what you need from the avalanche of information and multi media. So many things to grab hold of and so many to dodge (and very fast too) when you are online. And sometimes its not easy to dodge some things. Take for instance bugged spiritual messages on social media. Here is an example of a bugged spiritual message and the response given to it by the receiver of the bugged message;


The message is bugged because the sender is actually trying to hoodwink your “Great Expectations” by tying it to whether or not you send the message to other people. I hope most of us are cool with the response the sender received. Too much of this stuff on the internet and its amazing how many fall for it. Well this is just by the way. Now on to our topic for today which is the Persistence of Memory.


We would like to invoke one of the greatest artistic masterpieces of the 20th century. Ladies and gentlemen I give you our featured art work in this edition titled THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMOMORY by Salvador Dali, perhaps the most ingenious visual artist of the early 20th century Surrealist movement in Europe. As an art movement, Surrealism dealt with the release of the creative potential of the subconscious mind through for instance, the irrational juxtaposition of images; “to resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality.” Surrealists like Salvador Dali, whose work features in this Monday edition, hoped that their works would therefore function as visual agents for unlocking the powers of the imagination. Dali’s Persistence of Memory presents a central theme of melting time pieces. What does this mean and how can it be applied to anti-corruption? As we all know, corruption is not new in Nigeria and for too many Nigerians, the history of corruption has indeed become a very persistent memory so much so that faith often fails as to whether this monster can ever be conquered. However the melting time pieces indicate the essential fluidity and permeability of time and reminds us of our ability to “SIEZE THE MOMENT AND TRY TO FREEZE IT AND OWN IT.” We are therefore afforded the invitation and opportunity in this work to own the possibility of shutting down the culture of corruption in Nigeria through art which, as mentioned before, is uniquely built to grab corruption by the neck and squeeze it in harmony with a range of technical and legal measures. If a coup de grace is ever to be administered, then it means that at some point in this fight, the OGP anti-corruption movement should then ensure that corruption will beg for mercy. Who will then have mercy on corruption? Certainly not the OGP movement and neither should you.

Ok then dear reader have a fine week ahead and catch you on social media. We hope to see more social media activity between our regular posts here under this column every Monday and Friday. In other words, Tuesday to Thursday should gradually become a hot bed of social media engagements and sharing of your wonderful ideas about art, corruption, political applications of art, etc. Hey Nigeria is full of smart people and we really would want to highlight some of your insights as you keep on taking yet more informative, entertaining and educative pages out of thepagemagazine both here and through our social media handles: Let’s talk.

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