There is information that a new Art Movement is trying to rear its head. Its called the WORD4WORD ART MOVEMENT. The goal of this movement is to reposition Nigerian contemporary art for robust replication of the music, film and comedy driven revolutions in the Nigerian entertainment industry. According to the art group, this goal can be achieved by addressing the following objectives

1) Emphasis on realist and figurative representations that demonstrate incontestable skill and draughtsman ship to which everybody can relate not just artists and art lovers.

2) Tackling concepts that touch on the soul of the masses (e.g. corruption).

3) Organizing historically and seasonally rhythmic exhibitions that showcase the art direction of the WORD4WORD ART MOVEMENT

4) Consistently harvesting and documenting, via serialized brochures and catalogues, the thousand words in pictures and paintings featured at their exhibitions


For this release we look at a work titled DISCERNING EYES. You cannot lie to those eyes. A look at this work by Mr Don Okes and one cannot help a deep dive into the origins of man including even recalling the lost books of Adam and Eve. In the first book of Adam and Eve, we are told that before the fall of man, Adam could see straight into the heavenly realms. But after his fall, he and his hubby lost that ability though God promised that one day, they would regain the ability to see with DISCERNING EYES. But before that great day, the transport of this piece is of course also applicable to discerning the wiles and guile of corruption. Corruption tempts the public officer much like the devil tempted eve.

CORRUPTION: Did EFCC say you should not steal money?

PUBLIC OFFICER: Yes the EFCC is established to deal with corruption in public office and anybody caught will be severely dealt with.

CORRUPTION: You can cover your tracks and dodge the law. For the law knows that in the day that you eat of the fruits of corruption, you will become rich and powerful and even untouchable.

One of the greatest weaknesses of many of our public office holders is the inability or the unwillingness to ‘see’ the powers and benefits of their office with DISCERNING EYES.





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