VISUAL ART AND CORRUPTION: Contemplative “Solitude”


Taking a look at Mr Don Okes set of Visual Artistic Constructs within the State-of-Mind Series mainly punctuated by large green leafs covering the subject’s entire head, its easy to conclude that a major Art Direction of each piece is to remind us of the urgent need to tap resources of the human mind not just natural and mineral resources like Crude Oil, tin, iron ore, zinc, arable land, natural gas, limestone, etc. The mind of the Nigerian youth is especially not to be wasted considering phenomenal exploits in international arts, culture and science competitions where Nigerians surprisingly defeated world leaders in technology and innovation.

Even though the very first work in the series does not feature this large green leaf covering the subject’s whole head, still it trumpets what has happened to so called “Lazy Youth.’ Decades of no holds barred corruption has meant the systematic suppression, repression and TRAUMATIZATION of Youth Creative Output. And that is why that first work has been rightly titled ‘Traumatized’ depicting a young lady whose tears burn very hot with the ‘agony of the nation.’


In the most recent addition to the State-of-Mind Series, a piece titled SOLITUDE appears to provide some measure of hope. The subject is shown sitting on the ground, head buried in those recesses within the thighs and perhaps painfully contemplating the next move in ‘Solitude.’

And you know Nigerian Youth whose minds are currently facing massive psychic attack through excessive social media, chat, everyday are called to embrace Solitude as means of provoking creativity with results that can even change the community and the world. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century was an addict of ‘Solitude’ and recognized it as the oxygen which “the intuitive mind needs to work as a sacred gift and the rational mind as faithful servant.’

There is therefore no doubt that this latest work in Mr Don Okes’ series is better contemplated in Solitude both by the casual observer and most especially by the ‘stray’ collector who decides to take the bold step of purchasing this work…both for his personal consumption and consumption of posterity.

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