What Do You Do When You Loose Your Job?


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Everybody wants to remain in a good and comfortable paying job, a times one may not have the opportunity to work in a good paying organization and the truth is that wherever one finds himself, you need to keep it tight while looking for a better job that has security.

Over the years as an employee, I have seen so many people who have been subjected to so many challenges of loosing their jobs and at times I wonder why do this kind of things happen?

Not until I became a victim in the year 2016 when I lost a very good paying job that even my present job has not been able to pay me up-to that.

I actually lost the job due to the hard economy the country was really facing which kept so many millions of people out of their jobs and also left thousands dead due to hunger.

Now comes the question if you were the one that lost your job what will you do or better say What Do You Do When You Loose Your Job?

This is a very important question every employee needs to ask him or herself while still employed because one never can tell the future unless you have a good secured job.

Though in Nigeria and around the world, the only secured jobs are the ones given by government or self employed job.

In order not to waste your time, let’s go straight to the subject of discussion.

When you loose your job, the very first time you need to do is to be positive that a better one will come, begin to restructure your curriculum vitae or resume whichever one and start submitting it in various organisation.

That is the first step, the second thing is to ask yourself what skills do I lack, and if you can be honest to yourself, you can go further to learn some skills while waiting for a new job. But mind you, never do or learn a skill that will take you years to complete but rather learn one that will help you boost your career.

The third thing you will do is to ask yourself, assume after getting a new job and this kind of thing happens again that I will be sacked.

Then after asking yourself this question, you can go further to think of a business to do and know if your financial abilities can carry it , start immediately but if no, start a serious saving culture and start a self-employed business small by small and before you know it, you will see yourself growing and becoming ready for when your boss will say, I don’t need your services again.

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