Wherever There is go-slow , There is A business.

Wherever There is go-slow , There is A business
Looking at the above title, one will want to ask, what do you mean wherever there is a go-slow, there is a business?

If you’re wondering or have never thought about this, then here you will smile as i put you through.

Everybody is a business man, whether you’re selling or you’re buying, as far as there is a financial transactions between you and a third party, there is a business.

Over the years as a traveler who travels a lot by road from one state to another for one or two businesses, I have come to realise that wherever there is a go-slow, there is a business transactions taking place.

It is either you’re buying or you’re selling goods or services.

There are major areas in every city where there are major traffics. In this areas where traffic is much, The rate at which vehicles moves becomes very slow and during this period, so many petty business men and women who do not have shops are seen selling their products to the end users who are inside their vehicles or passengers who are travelling to their various destinations. This products ranges from eatable goods to non eatable goods.

This set of people are seen chasing after bus, shouting what they have to offer. some will be shouting, come and buy Gala, some come and buy minerals etc…

Some times one good thing about this set of people is that they tend to sell at a cheaper rate and at your own convienance.

This set of people used to make good money and has nobody to pay bills to such as office or space rent, electricity bills, union bill or tax.etc

Another good thing about this set of opportunities, is that it gives the sellers the opportunity to make good money and it also directly or indirectly provides job opportunities for the lesser priviledged.

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And finally, as the saying goes ” anything that has advantages also has disadvantages”

There are a lot disadvantages of selling and or buying along the road during go-slow.

The disadvantages of selling on the road during go-slow is that, a customer can run away with your money especially if the vehicle moves without you completing your transactions.

Another disadvantages is accident. If one is not careful, he or she can be a victim of accident as a result of careless driving.

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