Why Do New Niche Blogs Fail ?

why do new niche blogs fail ?
why do new niche blogs fail ?

First of all,

You must have read this particular subject on different blogs or forums.

And most so-called “Blogging Experts,” say: “A poor blog theme, publishing poor content, bad on-page SEO, and not being specific in a niche will make your blog fail. ”

But here’s a catch,

Why do new niche blogs, with good on-page SEO, quality content and traffic fail?

Before I guide you, I want to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Rapture Chijioke Godson, am a blogger and programmer.

I have been studying blogging and SEO for the past one year and I will reveal to you why Cool Python Codes, a niche blog has overcome many challenges.

Why do new niche blogs with all the right tools fail?

1- Not being Motivated By Providing Value.

When I started Cool Python Codes, I was at first motivated by Alexa ranking, making money through AdSense and being famous that I forgot to give out quality content.

I just kept spamming Facebook groups so my Alexa ranking will improve.

I also needed AdSense badly, so I quickly did interviews and wrote some long post that had no value.

I eventually got AdSense but I was making cents.

My mentor would tell me, “Getting AdSense approval is easy but making money from AdSense is hard “

So the point here is, get motivated by the value you give out to your audience.

Let your blog post provide help to your readers.

I had to learn this the hard way.

I had to take down some of my blog posts and write quality content.

My Alexa ranking and earnings have increased since I made the drastic changes.

2- Starting A Niche Blog When You Have Not Made Any Achievement In That Niche.

The biggest question my mentor asked me is, what are you going to blog about?

By then I was only good in motivating people (which I do on Facebook and Instagram).

I also had knowledge in programming.

That’s why I blog about Python programming.

The point here is that don’t go into entertainment, entrepreneurship, graphics etc niche when you know nothing about them.

I advise you spend a year studying them before opening your niche blog.

Your audience needs credibility from you and if you cannot offer them that, your blog will fail pretty soon.

3- Focus

If you know that blogging is your dream, then you need to be focused.

Don’t open two blogs at a time when the first has not gotten enough audience.

In fact opening two blogs at a time is not advisable by me.

Focus on that niche until you have enough resources and time to open another blog.

Also limit your time on playing games, watching films etc. You are building a business and you need to put in a lot of time especially when you don’t have much money.

4- Email list.

My mentor, Chinedu Ngwu told me the story of a blogger that Google removed his blog from search engine but what saved the blogger was his Email list.

I recommend Mailerlite email list because of the features you can get and it is free for 1000 subscribers.

So how do you build your Email list the right way?

It is by offering your audience with offers that they cannot resist.

At my blog, I offer my audience free source code of my tutorial which I embed in my post in a clean way that my user experience is not affected.

5- Facebook and LinkedIn page

I never had a Facebook page nor LinkedIn page for my blog.

So I created those pages but there was a problem,

How can I promote my page without money and spamming?

Whenever I wrote a new blog post, I would write a short description of the post and include the link on my facebook page.

I then shared the Facebook page post to Facebook groups in my niche.

In a few hours, I get new likes to my Facebook page.

I also promote other niche blog post on my page and share them.

Believe me, this is the cheapest way of promoting your Facebook page.

Also, tell your friends and family to help you promote your page.

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Blogging is a craft and to succeed in it, you have to do many experiments, keep reading to expand your knowledge.

Don’t publish a great article and sit and wait for traffic, go out there and share your content.

Thanks for reading!

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Information about author

Godson RaptureChijioke is the founder of Cool Python Codes, a Python blog for next level programming. He is currently a 400L  Chemical Engineering student of the University of Port Harcourt.


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  1. i think it’s not like niche based blogging is a bad thing, to me it’s better to have a specific type of audience with a clear-cut concise interest can make a blog famous is less effort and time

  2. Choosing a niche is not very hard we just to think what we know very well and can understand other and that’s sit. You can easily choose a Niche that will never fail.

  3. Before i’m the first blogger, but i always search any suggestion from other site to get more about how to build new blogs successful. So this blog guide me to know more about the right ways to build it, thanks!

  4. Great article. Motivation and passion for a niche topic is always important for a successful blog. As blogging success happens in long terms its always good to blog about things you are interested in.

  5. i came across your article on bing and am so pleased to tell you that your aticle has really changed my orientation about blogging. I want to start a blog and I don’t really know how to go about it, but from your articles, I will need to focus on niche building what I know am very good at. and also I want you to teach me or recommend for me how to grow my traffic without spending too much money. I will be glad to hear from you soonest. thanks
    Mary Jane

  6. […] Blogging is another serious business which will scale through this year 2018, one may ask why did i say so? well if you look at this year 2018, so many great events will happen that will need a platform to talk about and among such event is general election to be held so many countries. so anybody who start a political blog to promote activities relating to politics with a good traffic plan will make it so big this year. Apart from political blog, any other niche can go well and all you need to do is to build a platform that will help you achieve that talent of yours. for more on how to be successful, click here to read more  […]


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