Woman Gives Account Of How She Fell Victim To Robbery

Woman Gives Account Of How She Fell Victim To Robbery

A Nigerian business woman, Mercey Toluwalase, has in a lengthy post on her Facebook page recounted how she fell victim to the new robbery style in Lagos.

She thanked God for sparing her life and added all hustlers like herself should be very much careful as the year comes to an end.

She wrote:

Gud morning lovers….. Let me share this here, pls n pls to all my co -hustler, pls be careful….. I mean extraordinary careful, especially if U operate ur business online 👌……. This is my own experienced today, if U check my page on Instagram @aanumakeover_oreke, U will get a no to contact us….. About 10pm yesterday nite, I got a call from a Lady……
She told me she wanted products worth 35k, she told me wot she want….. Immediately I told her to pay, she gets our acct details n pay(36k, 1k for delivery)….. After seeing alert, I told her to send me address, she told me we can meet @ Ikj b4 under bridge(KFC side)….. She also told me to be there by 7am….. Well, I got no choice, I left home as early as 6am this morning…..
Getting there, I saw d black jeep, she told me to enter, b4 I could start explaining to her she drove off….. B4, turning my face back I saw 3guys @ d back…… B4 I can shout, they already tied my neck on d chair…… I was just praying, I was hopeless,I was helpless…..
They stopped @ one bush, they asked for my ATM, I told them my ATM has expired, they asked if I used online banking….. I had no option than to replied yes, they collected my phone n get d sum of 95k……. They also collected d other product, am giving another customers…… Tho, it looks like a dream but it a reality….. All their targets was money, my other phone is gone but thank God I left my personal phone @ home due to low b3……. Pls, guys join me n thank God…… It can only be him….. I saw hell today, I never experience gun point in my life, I saw how it looked like today 😭 😭 😭 😭……. Pls, everyone becareful……. December is near byyyyyyyyyyyy

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