The Words Have the Butterfly Effect

The Words Have the Butterfly Effect
The Words Have the Butterfly Effect

 The writing is not like “everybody loves blondes” of course, it does not take the talent to love because it is intrinsic nature. But writing needs talent and not everyone can write. Well, you can challenge this argument by saying I can write that’s right. A child can write too. The line between writing and the writer must not get blurred.

You can hone the skills, but you need to perfect your skills by reading the best writing blogs that have necessary ingredients to inspire, educate and intensify your intellectual curiosity. Let’s have a look at the importance of learning the craft.

The Words Have the Butterfly Effect
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Writing as a craft and an art:

  1. The Objective: Last things first let’s get a little unusual you need to have an objective that means you have to understand the motivation behind your writing and the things that you want to achieve through your writing. You cannot just write aimlessly hoping people to love your writing because you just have managed to put some grammatically correct sentences together.
  2. The Genre: The genre plays a vital role. Yeah right, the tone of the writing depends on the types of the subject you choose to write like comedy, thriller, food, fiction, non-fiction, romance and best kids blogs in fact, the list can go till the eternity and you will not have any clue about its beginning and the end.
  3. The Style:  Your style defines your personality and your ideology you might have a great idea but if you fail to stylize the idea into the comprehensible subject matter, then you are likely to end up in creating an intellectual absurdity, not a masterpiece.
  4. The Psychology of Your Audience: Is your writing a self-glorified act or you have an audience base that you write for? Of course, you write for your audiences, but do you understand their mind? Right, you are going to say that your writing is crafted to shape your audiences’ minds, but how would you do it when you do not know how they think? Know your audience!
  5. The Structure: The narrative structure is the key component of your writing when you write fiction, the mechanism gets complicated because you have to create plots, the subplots, the sequences, the protagonist and a whole chain of action and reactions that lead to the end that means you must have a beginning and middle. And the structure changes when you jump to write non-fiction.
  6. The Training: Undoubtedly, writing is a gift, but along with the talent, you need the skills and the skills can be developed through training. Read top writing blogs and learn the art from the people who write and make a living out of it. Sometimes, they make in millions and billions.
The word has a butterfly effects
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The writers are lonely human well, that is not true in fact and the loneliness can bring only solitude and agonizing subjects. Ensure that you read, write, fall in love, socialize and spread knowledge. Ultimately, you are living in a world that has gone nuts over knowledge economy.

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