World Food Day


Every October 16th is been celebrated in the world as World Food Day, it is a day that is dedicated to tackling global hunger and today we will be looking at Africa as a continent. How have the global hunger affected us and how or what were the measures taken to overcome this big challenge that has taken away life from majority.

Africa as a continent happens to be one of the continents which has suffered a lot as far as global hunger is concern but the truth remains that the African soil is the best soil for any form of Agriculture and yet they are been subjected to hunger. This hunger has become a thing that majority of the populace suffers while the minority who don’t suffer this are either wealthy people or politicians.

Majority of our African leaders are so corrupt that they hardly think about providing food security for it’s nations but rather prefer to embezzle public funds to enrich themselves and buy mansions in European nations.

According to a recent study, it shows that most people or nations suffer from global hunger as a result of high price of food products and below is five African Nations that are affected from this study.

Here are the world’s five most expensive places to buy a meal, based on people’s average daily incomes, according to the study:

1. South Sudan: $321.70, relative to New York purchasing power (155% of South Sudan’s average daily income)

2. Nigeria: $200.32, in New York terms (121% of Nigeria’s average daily income)

3. Deir Ezzor, Syria: $190.11, in New York terms (115% of Syria’s average daily income)

4. Malawi: $94.43, in New York terms (45% of Malawi’s average daily income)

5. Democratic Republic of Congo: $82.10, in New York terms (40% of the Congo’s average daily income)

Researchers said they wanted to “highlight some of the real reasons countries often end up in a vicious cycle of poverty, such as conflict and insecurity.”

As of March, more than 20 million people across four war-ravaged regions — South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and northeast Nigeria — faced starvation and famine, according to the U.N.

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