You can simply make a Creative logo for your Brand / company by just following these steps


Before starting with our guidelines to create a logo, we would first talk a bit about what a logo is and how important it is for your brand. A logo basically identifies a company or a brand by the use of a flag, mark, symbol or any other specific sign that is only utilized by the company and no other person.

Also, logos are not supposed to be stylish and attractive only in fact what matters is the meaning that the logo comes with. You need to make sure that the logo of your brand is not only about style but also about meaning.

Creative logo

Now comes the basic and the most crucial part which is designing a logo. Well, logo designing is not a hard nut to crack and it’s pretty easy to just give this article a proper read and I am sure you will master the art of creating an impressive logo.

1- Research

Yes, the first thing that you need to do when it comes to logo designing is research. You need to make sure that you are thoroughly going through all the famous and popular brands and companies along with their logos.

You have to find out the impact of their logos on customers and their sales. This is one major step that you have to take before heading for the logo designing process.


Also, keep this thing in your mind that you are not in a competition with the top class brands, in fact, you are eager to learn from them and their strategies for logo designing.

2- Learn Logo 101

An impressive logo is not all glittery or weird in fact it is simple, unique and classy. It must be distinctive yet meaningful and that should be your all and all focus.

Furthermore, it should represent your brand in the most obvious ways, you need to make sure that the logo is future proof and you can use it for more than 20 or 40 years for your brand.

Learn Logo 101

So, in order to make it more effective, you need to make it more simple yet attractive and meaningful, all at the same time.

3-  The Brand Identity Process

Ok so this one is again a major guideline, you see, as said earlier, your logo is going to represent your brand or company and you just cannot compromise on that. So, you definitely need to put lots and lots of effort in it and you need to make sure that you yourself are aware of what your brand provides.

 The Brand Identity Process

For that, you can conduct interviews and make questionnaires for your clients and ask them about the impact of the logo on a brand. Also, you must be clear on the fact that your logo reflects your company. That way you will be more careful regarding the designing process.

4- Pick the Right Font

People are mostly ignorant of this and they don’t think about the font much but for us, font is what all matters when it comes to a logo. There have been so many logos out there that have very weird fonts which can’t be easily spelled or read, well again, those logos are more of attraction and less of a meaning.

But when you are going to design a logo, you need to be sure that you are picking up the right font for yourself. The font of your logo can either make or break your company to be very careful and don’t be afraid to buy a good logo and modify it.

Pick the Right Font

You see, some investment, in the beginning, will definitely pay you off!

Here is an infographic that might help you in choosing the right color for your brand’s logo.

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Overall Verdict

So, this is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk about logo designing and its impacts. Keep loving and sharing our articles and we assure you that we will come up with some more impressive content.

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  1. Wow…this is very good. I have been thinking of the importance of logo and how to implement a good logo to my new brands but from what you have said here, I think am almost certain to give it a try.

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