Most youngsters have lost their sense of identity due to tramadol – Actor, Majid Michel

Majid Michel

According to Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, young people only take the illicit drugs to boost their confidence and act in a manner they would never have considered if they were in their right senses.

Image result for Majid MichelMajid Michel has stated that the intake of the drug Tramadol by youths is as a result of the level of low self-esteem they suffer.

He said; “I think we have to tackle it from the root. I think most of the youth have lost their sense of identity that is who they are. So they believe if they go to take a drug, it gave them the confidence to do certain things they were not able to do when they are normal and it’s an addiction.”

Image result for tramadol“It is also an appetite so when they become normal {or] sober, they realize the appetite comes back,” he added.


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